A Fans' Mission To #SaveAlexis

FEBRUARY 24, 2013

If you’ve wondered if any fans in France have tried to get to Alexis’ rooftop at the end of Target, the answer is yes and the keyword is “tried.” alakazamkatebecksall-you-need-is-castle@charlie_lj and I went on a mission February 23rd to #SaveAlexis. We did not in fact rescue a fictional character but it was a valiant effort. Here’s how it went…
Step one: Locate the rooftop. Clearly the most difficult step and completely the A+ detective work of alakazamkatebecks who managed to find it on Google Maps using only the coordinates of the Eiffel Tower in front of Alexis and Saint-Sulpice behind her. I’m still amazed.
The view on the show
My view from street level

Step two:
 Scope the rooftop out. alakazamkatebeckscharlie_lj and I sat on the second floor at Le Saint-Germain and got our best look at the building they used. 
We were armed with alakazamkatebecks’ flyer and I brought these assorted devices. (I forgot about poor Sara until after I’d left the house so I took a YouTube screencap. #savetheothergirl)
As you can see, there’s actually two rooftops. Molly/Alexis was on the white one.
Then all-you-need-is-castle joined us and it was time for…
Step three: Infiltrate building. This took some time, but at one point some residents left and I calmly approached then lunged for the door that was still a bit open and got in.
Step four: Get to roof. So close yet so far. An elevator trip to the top level got us nowhere. Then we went down a level and found a stairwell, which led us to the door of the roof, which was very exciting… 
…aside from one problem: the door was locked and we didn’t think to bring a bunch of bobby pins. Oh.
Step five: Knock on doors. I let the other girls take the lead since they’re the native French girls and I’m the awkward American. Two people answered and neither got us access to the roof but the second person was a very nice old lady on the 6th floor who graciously let us enter her apartment. I KNEW we needed the help of an older woman! “I’m a pretty big deal to your mom.”
So then we were able to take pictures of the corner from a birds’ eye view. 
Step six: There is no step six. This is where our mission sadly ends. But we enjoyed the attempt and I made us a star.

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