Andrew Marlowe Says Castle's Father Might Return & What For Influence Has Daddy Castle On His Son's Writing?

Loved meeting Rick's dad on Castle, but it just left me with more questions! When will we see him again? — Sam
ADAM: That's exactly how creator Andrew W. Marlowe wanted you — and Castle himself — to feel. "We wanted to not give him as big a bite at the relationship as he would want," he says. "Castle is going to crave that connection and crave knowing that guy more. That will give us some storytelling options as we go into Season 6 if the TV gods are kind enough to grant that to us." And while Marlowe didn't rule out another Spy Daddy appearance this season, you can expect his father's presence to be felt in other ways. "We're interested to see how this influences Castle's writing," Marlowe teases. "There'll be a new Derrick Storm novel coming out this year, and it will be very much influenced by the events he just went through."

Source: TVGuide
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