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After the longest week-long hiatus this season we finally got to see the conclusion of the epic Castle two-parter!  Between the reactions on twitter and the amount of times I freaked out while watching this episode it is safe to say this episode will go down in the Castle history books as one of the best episodes ever!  Between meeting Castle’s dad, seeing some major ass kicking by Team Castle, and Nathan and Molly acting the heck out of this episode, choosing five moments was definitely quite the task.  I put myself up to the challenge though, and even decided to not do honorable mentions so I was forced to pick just five.  So here we go… the Hunt Castle Cliff Notes Countdown!

5. That’s What We Hold On To
At the beginning of the episode, we get a small Caskett moment when Beckett sits down next to Castle and hands him a coffee.  Castle, still slightly withdrawn, starts talking about his Skype conversation with Alexis saying “she sounded so scared.  I could hear it in her voice - just like when she was a little girl. And there was nothing I could do.”  Beckett trying to continue to be his rock says “she wasn’t hurt Castle - that’s what matters ...that’s what we hold on to.”  Obviously Castle just wants her to come home and Beckett reminds him that “We’re not giving up yet.”  The moment is cut short when it’s discovered that the kidnappers called with terms and it appears Alexis and Sara may make it out alive.  I loved the role reversal of Beckett bringing Castle coffee and as I said last week I love Beckett trying to be the one Castle leans on for support instead of their usual roles.  It shows how much she has grown and how deeply she cares for Castle and his family and I love moments when we get to see this. 

4. Casino Royale
After arriving back in the states, Alexis asks Castle if he thinks his father made it out alive.  Somewhat somber, Castle says that he wishes he knew but asks Alexis if she is ready for her homecoming.  Upon opening the door, Alexis is engulfed in a hug by Martha and Beckett rushes over to Castle and says “I’m glad you’re ok.”  She also begs him to not “do anything like that again” without her.  Castle smiles and says he won’t before they share a sweet homecoming kiss.  On top of that, Beckett hugs Alexis, so finally I get a little Beckett/Alexis love, I’m just obviously hoping for different circumstances next time it happens ;-).  Seeing a package on the counter, Castle opens it and finds a copy of Casino Royale inside; Looks like his father is ok after all.  So… anyone thinking what I’m thinking?  More father involvement in later episodes???  For now, we can only hope but I’m sure if he does return it will be epic! 

3. I’m The Good Guy
In the woods, Rick is about to be shot by the kidnappers when gunfire erupts and everyone except Castle is left dead.  A mysterious man comes out from the trees and Castle appears to be startled.  The man continues to approach Castle saying “if I wanted you dead, you’d be dead.”  Castle immediately recognizes him from the sketch but the man tells Castle that they have to leave because they have been exposed.  At that time, Castle gets a call from Beckett telling him that Alexis was the target of the kidnapping but Castle is unable to find out anymore as the man shoots the phone shattering it into millions of pieces.  Castle panics yelling “what are you doing?!?! That was a $200 phone!”  The man (who is clearly experienced) explains that that is how they are tracking him and advises Castle to get in the car but he is reluctant to do so. Frustrated the man says “don’t be an idiot - I’m the good guy” but Castle continues to question him.  In a lighter moment the man replies with “what are you going to do? Stay out here in the woods with all the dead guys?”  Finally realizing the situation he is in, and that he really doesn’t have a choice, he agrees to get in car.  The man mockingly reminds him that since was so torn up about his $200 phone that he “might want to pick up that 3 million dollar briefcase.”  Once in the car Castle asks the man to at least reveal his name to which he says “Hunt, Jackson Hunt.” Bond, James Bond anyone??? Castle tells him that it sounds like it’s made up and Hunt replies “it is.”  I know at this point you probably knew who this really was, but I LOVED this scene!  It was Castle vs. a mix of Castle and Beckett!  Jackson Hunt had the wit of Castle (I mean the briefcase comment was hilarious) but the badass attitude of Beckett (and the gun skills to go with it!). James Brolin was phenomenal and I instantly fell in love with his character.   

2.  Always
Commencing with the Team Castle ass kicking, Castle and Hunt begin their plan to get Alexis.  Castle gets taken by the kidnappers and is led to Alexis.  Seeing him for the first time, Alexis and her dad are sweetly reunited, until we remember that Alexis is still being held in a cage and there are lots of men with guns. Talk about a buzz kill.  Appearing to still be in shock that he is there, Alexis asks “What are you doing here?  Did they kidnap you too?”  Castle tries to play it cool saying that they got him while he was trying to rescue her and Alexis keeping more composure than I would in that scenario says “You shouldn’t be here.”  Castle tries to reassure her that it will be ok and even gets her to laugh saying “you look good.”  Just when it appears to be the end for Castle, it turns out Hunt is still continuing with the plan and Castle gets Alexis out by recounting every aspect of the plan drawn up by Hunt in the process.  Going back to Hunt reviewing the plan, Castle asks what happens to his father afterwards to which he responds, “I disappear.”  Upset, Castle starts saying that they have just met and he has lots of questions that he needs more time for him to answer.  In true Castle fashion, his father tells him that he has “always” been proud of him….”always.”  Could this have been anymore perfect?!?!?  Throwing in an always reference in relation to Castle’s relationship with his father? I won’t lie I got a little choked up but who didn’t?!?

1.  My Dad’s a Spy
After receiving a call from the kidnappers, it becomes clear to Castle that the whole kidnapping was actually about Hunt.  Confused, he asks “I don’t understand… what does this have to do with Alexis? Why would they take her?”  Hunt explains that he was “careless because somehow he (the kidnapper) found out who she was, who you (Castle) were and he knew I’d come for her.”  Still confused Castle asks “why would you come for her?”  Now at this point the majority of the audience knows what was coming and it was one of the most anticipated moments of the episode.  Hunt finally reveals that “she’s my granddaughter, Richard I’m your father.”  *GASP* For seasons, we have wondered about Castle’s father and now we finally know who he actually is! Turns out he didn’t leave Castle hanging for all these years either.  He has been checking in on him, Martha, and Alexis their whole lives and even gave Castle a copy of Casino Royale at the library one day when he was 10.  Turns out this inspired Castle to become a writer so it looks like even though he wasn’t always around, he shaped Castle’s life in a huge way!  Getting back to business though, he tells Castle he can’t get Alexis back on his own and goes over the building’s blueprints with Castle.  In my favorite line of the episode Hunt says “What do you say kid – You’ve been playing cop for years, you ready to play spy?”  …And commence team Castle extreme ass kicking!  I just can’t get over how Castle really is the perfect combination of Martha and Hunt and how Hunt is basically playing Beckett’s typical role in these scenarios.  He takes the lead while Castle is the heart (and wit) of the operation.  While it did remind me a little of star wars, which definitely isn’t a bad thing, I was so happy that Castle finally got to meet his father.

For me, Hunt did not disappoint and was worth the one week wait.  What did you guys think?  Did you love Castle’s dad as much as I did or where you expecting someone a little different?  What about the way Castle got Alexis away from the kidnappers?  Also, what are we going to do during this three week hiatus?!?! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle to get through this long break together!

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