Castle Cliff Notes: Reality Star Struck

Happy early Valentine’s Day Castle fans!  Well it’s safe to say “I can’t feel my butt” after re-watching scenes from this week’s Castle multiple times but there were so many great moments to choose from!  In a Castle Cliff Notes first, I actually included moments involving all of the different main couples and some non-romantically involved couples like my new favorite fangirl/boy pairing of Castle and Gates!  How appropriate for Valentine’s Day!

5.  Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!
Ryan shows up to the crime scene late and apologizes saying that Jenny’s “temperature spiked this morning and suddenly it’s show time.  She’s got this baby making down to a science.” This earns smirks from everyone and Castle says “sounds romantic” in a deadpan fashion.  Ryan explains it’s like being a rooster in a hen house “except there’s only one hen, a very bossy hen.”  Beckett plays along telling Esposito that he and “the rooster” can go canvas the neighborhood.  I love Ryan and Jenny and am really excited that they are trying to make little Ryan’s and moments like this make me love them even more!  Poor Ryan though, hopefully soon he will get some good news and go back to having “fun” instead of seeing it as “work.”

4.  Scare Tactics
Bob and Penelope are brought in for questioning after being found sleeping together (much to the surprise of Castle and Gates) but neither one of them will answer any questions about Hannah.  After a little fangirl/boying from Castle and Gates about the Wives of Wall Street (which was hilarious), they determine that Bob would be the easiest to break and it would just take a little authority from Beckett to make him scared of her.  Beckett, somewhat hesitant about the plan, storms into the interrogation room and starts yelling at Bob telling him to “sit down, shut up, and listen!”  After explaining (well more like screaming) to Bob that she was going to take him down for kidnapping and murder, Bob quickly tells her he didn’t kill Hannah.  Beckett yells at him to quit lying to her and then flips the table which appears to be the breaking point for Bob who admits that he and Hannah were never in a relationship and it was really a plot to boost ratings and the sales for Penelope’s clothing line.  I about fell off the couch laughing at Castle and Gates freaking out about Bob and Hannah’s relationship being fake and simultaneously saying “WHAT?!?”  Intense Beckett was well… intense to say the least and I love the moments between Castle and Gates.  Their relationship dynamic is always interesting to me and when we get to see Gate’s “softer side” I jump all over it!  Overall, a well done and entertaining scene!

3. Red Hot Esplanie
With everyone all paired up for Valentine’s Day we are left to wonder what exactly is Espo going to do now that the murder is solved?  Turns out he actually has a hot date with a very sexy medical examiner!  Lanie walks up in a red dress (that is way too sexy for the 12th! Hot hot hot!) and Beckett informs Esposito that his date has arrived.  Castle is shocked that Beckett knew about the date and says “I knew they had plans! You knew they had plans and you didn’t tell me?”  Beckett, being the great friend she is, agreed to keep it a secret for Lanie because it was a really big deal for Lanie and Esposito and she didn’t want Castle making fun of them.  Castle tries to justify he wouldn’t have made fun of them but quickly changes his mind saying they would have been “fish in a barrel.”  Beckett tells Lanie how great she looks but Lanie questions if it is a little too much.  Please girl!  If you’ve got it (which you do) flaunt it!  Beckett reassures her it’s not too much but it might be a little too much for Castle.  Beckett catches his wandering eyes and quickly says “eyes up bud!”  Some things just never change with guys but with eye candy like that I don’t blame him!  I mean, can we get Beckett in a dress like that soon?  Pretty please?!?!  But in all seriousness Lanie was rocking that sexy red dress and there is no doubt in my mind she and Javi had a great night!

2.  Gift Ninja  
After getting the suggestion from Martha and Alexis to surprise Kate by putting her gift in her coat pocket, Castle decides to step up his “gift ninja” abilities but actually ends up putting it in Gates pocket.  He then spends the rest of the episode trying to get it back and Beckett eventually picks up on his weird behavior asking “Castle what’s going on with you and Gates today?”  He tells her everything that happened in the car ride over to Margo’s place and in a panic Beckett asks “Seriously Castle, what were you thinking?”  Castle tries to explain that he wanted to surprise her (putting it in Gate’s blazer was definitely a surprise!) but Beckett quickly realizes they have a potential bigger problem on their hands.  “Did you write a note?”  Beckett asks, but of course Castle did…he’s a writer!  Beckett then asks if it was romantic and gets the state the obvious answer of “it’s Valentine’s Day… so yea it was romantic.”  Continuing to get in more of a panic, Beckett asks Castle if he put her name on it but he can’t remember, he only knows his name was on it.  It was nice to see Beckett’s panic over the potential of Gates finding out and that it could end their working partnership because I love that she still values that relationship with him and doesn’t want to lose it.  I mean, it is how their relationship grew and became what it is today.  Castle tries to tell her that’s why he has been trying to get it back but Beckett is convinced Gates already found it and says “right now we’ve got a murder to solve, maybe our last.”  Turns our it’s not though because in a weird twist of events, Beckett’s name was not on the card and Gates thought Castle was trying to suck up to her.  He didn’t get away without a little display of the wrath of Gates, but we did get to hear what he wrote for Kate!  “You are beauty, passion, and fierce intellect.  Be my valentine. ~Rick.”  Ready Castle fandom… 1…2…3…Awwwww!  It was so simple, yet so perfect at the same time and goes to show that sometimes you only need a few words for perfection.  Did you love his note as much as I did?

1.  Drawers
Alright no surprise here on this week’s number one moment.  It was the most talked about scene on my twitter last night and for a very good reason!  After Castle’s gift backfires because of the jacket snafu, we are left with our crime solving duo in Beckett’s bedroom with one unanswered question left:  What did Beckett get Castle for their first Valentine’s Day together?  After a “backwards hug” or embrace (love!) Beckett tells Castle to open one of the drawers in her dresser which he eagerly does, but as he begins to feel around, he realizes there is nothing there.  He suggests that “maybe it’s in another drawer” but Beckett reveals the gift “is the drawer.  It’s your drawer.”  Possibly starting to feel a little insecure about her gift she says “I mean I know it’s not a lightsaber” but Castle quickly cuts her off telling her it’s perfect.  They share a sweet kiss and Beckett tells him happy Valentine’s Day before telling him “now take your clothes off, put them in your drawer, and meet me in the bed.” I love seductive Beckett! Castle gets a cocky grin on his face but it quickly goes away when he realizes he can’t get his shirt sleeve unbuttoned.  We are left to assume that he eventually gets it off and even if he doesn’t there are other ways to get that shirt off *wink*!  Happy Valentine’s Day Caskett and here’s to many more in the future!

February continues to be a solid month for Castle!  So many great scenes and a fantastic job by everyone involved. Did you enjoy Gates fangirling over “The Wives of Wall Street?”  How about Castle’s Valentine’s card message?  And who’s ready for next week?!?!  Based on the promo I think I’m going to be at the edge of my seat with a box of tissues!   Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle and see you next week for "Target."  Remember to trend #SaveAlexis to let ABC know we are watching!

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