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Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

Here we go...

- Sara El-Masri's father and Castle are fighting about why the daughters would be hold in Paris

- The FBI has a sketch of someone who left the barn where they found Henson (who is that guy on the sketch...would it be daddy Castle...)
- Castle with Beckett, FBI-agents ans Sara's parents at the precinct. Agent: "If you want to help your daughter, you've got to be patient."
- Beckett hands Castle coffee. Castle: "She sounded so scared...." 
Beckett: "She wasn't hurt castle. That's what matters. That's what we hold on to."
- Castle: "I just want her home." 
Beckett holds his hand: "We don't give up."
- The villains contacted the El-Masri family. They asked for ransom for Sara
- They arranged that Alexis would be released too
- A family member of El-Masri would pay 15 million Euro at the Seine in Paris
- The bad guys pick up the ransom
- Ransom money was paid, but only Sara is released, they still have Alexis
- Castle: "Where's Alexis??" 
Beckett: "Agent Harris just spoke with Sara. She and Alexis got separated."
- Castle is scared they killed Alexis now, as Sara is back
Beckett: Where are u going?"
Castle: "To tell my mother she's not home yet." 
Beckett: "I'll go with you." 
Castle: "No, I need to do this alone."
- Kate will try to solve the murder of Henson and find the kidnappers that way
- Beckett is worrying about Castle. She calls him again. "Castle it's me again. Will you just call me? When you get this?" Then Espo walks up to her and hands her coffee
- Kate and Martha as she arrives at Castle's apartment
Martha: "Where is Richard?"
Beckett shocked: "I thought he was with you."
- Martha calls Castle and he says he is working at the precinct with Kate, but she know he is lying and she found out his passport is missing.
- Castle is in Paris looking for his babygirl
- Castle: "I'm getting my daughter back."
- Castle has a contact in Paris called Gaston. He hopes he has connections to find Alexis back
- Gaston helped him with Storm novels
- He told Castle that there were ways to hire people
- Now Castle wants to hire someone
- Espo and Ryan found out that Sara and Alexis first flew through Brussels and then as "organ patients" were transported to Paris
- Castle is standing on the place where the exchange was between the money and Sara
- He gets a text to go to a church
- Castle goes there and meets with a guy with some resemblance to Liam Neeson
- The guy takes him to a friend, a blind guy that is working with all kinds of electric stuff underground, called "The Mole" who will take a look at the Skype call from Alexis
- The blind guy listens to sounds on the call and located Alexis is in a place where there is a restaurant and it is close to a church
- Back in NY Beckett is called bitch
- Beckett is being badass again against the girlfriend of Henson
- She kicks her chair away and the girl falls
- Beckett: "I'm not a cop today, honey."
- Beckett, Ryan and Espo go search the apartment of Henson
- Back to Paris
- They found Alexis' location
- They go there, but Alexis isn't there anymore
- Castle finds a hair from Alexis, tho
- The episode indeed has some similarities with Taken, like Ryan already mentioned in the episode
- The guy Castle hired searched the place, but doesn't found anything
- Not your ordinary kidnappers
- He finds a bug in the place where Alexis called from
- The guy talks to the bug to try and get Alexis back
- Then the phone rings in the office where they are
- It are the bad guys
- They want to meet, but without Castle coming
- Beckett finds out the guy in the sketch also was in Henson's apartment
- Castle gets coffee from the mole dude
- The guy Castle hired comes back with a pic of Alexis holding today's paper
- They agreed to let her go
- If Castle pays they will have to go to a forrest for the exchange
- In NY a IT guy finds on Henson's harddrive pics of Alexis
- Beckett finds out Alexis is the target
- In a forest outside Paris Castle has the money and will go need the bad guys (so he thinks)
- He ignores a call from Beckett
- The guy turned on Castle
- He says that if he knew who Alexis was, he would have never taken the job
- Castle is being held at gunpoint
- As shots are fired, the bad guys and the guy Castle hired appear
- Castle's father appears!!  (not know as Castle's father yet, but as a mysterious figure)
- Daddy Castle came and shot everybody
- Castle's father: "If I'd wanted you dead, you'd be dead."
- Beckett: "Castle, Alexis wasn't taken by accident. She was the target, they wanted her."
- Castle's Father just shot Castle's phone while he was calling Beckett
- Castle's Father: "If you're feeling bad about that two hundred buck phone, you might wanna pick up that 3 million dollar brief case."
- Castle: "At least tell me your name." 
Castle's Father: "Hunt. Jackson Hunt." (Bond. James Bond reference)
Castle: "Sounds made up."
Dad smiles: "It is." 
- It seems like the Russian mob is behind the kidnapping
- Alexis is held in a cage in the middle of a room
- Castle's dad has taken his son to his place
- He has a wall with Alexis pictures on it
- Dad was able to track Castle with his phone
- He know of Beckett
- Russian guy calls and wants to speak to Castle's dad
- Apparently they've been looking for dad a long time already
- Russian guy's name is Volkoff: "If you show, I won't kill her. If you don't, I will put a bullet through her brain instead of yours."
- Castle: "Why? Why would they take her?"
Castle's Father (IN A STAR WARS MOMENT: "Because she is my granddaughter. Richard, I'm your father!"
- Castle: "My dad's a spy. Does my mom know?"
Dad: "Hmmuhm."
- Dad explains why he couldn't stay with Martha after he made her pregnant after a great and romantic night
 Castle to his father: "You've known about me? About us all these years and not once did you let us know that you're out there?"
Dad: "What I do means no communication, no relations with anyone."
- Castle and his dad met before. Dad: "We've met before. When you were about 10 years old your mom took you to the library. You were looking for a book and euh...I gave you a copy of-"
Castle: "Casino Royale."
Dad: "Yeah."
Castle: "That was you? That book made me want to become a writer."
- Dad read his books. He confirms he made it possible for Castle for Castle to get some info about the CIA. (this must have been what Sofia meant last year)
- Dad has been checking up on Castle, Martha and Alexis for their whole lives
- Volkoff was KGB agent
- Daddy Castle killed Volkoff's wife
- Daddy Castle put him away 12 years ago, but he got free
- They kidnapped Sara too to get into the news, to let daddy Castle know
- Daddy found Volkoffs lair
- He wants to launch a direct assault on that place
- Castle will help his dad
- Dad: "What do you say kid?"
- Dad: "You've been playing cop for years. You ready to play spy?"
- Castle has to cut the power for the attack
- He puts a bomb around a pipe to accomplish that
- The bad guys found Castle: "We may have a problem."
- Castle and Alexis reunited
- Alexis: "What are you doing here? Did they kidnap you too?"
Castle: "Yeah...euh...while trying to rescue you."
- They bad guys are threatening to kill Castle in front of Alexis
- The bad guy counts down on a walkie talkie connected with daddy Castle
- They flashback to when Castle and dad were talking about the plan of attack
- Dad lets an explosive he placed in the walkie talkie detonate
- Castle has a James Bond type of watch with an explosive that opens Alexis' cage
- Castle and Alexis are running to the backdoor, while shots are fired and things explode
- Dad distracts the bad guys at the front door
- Castle and Alexis run to the US Embassy
- Alexis is saved
- Castle has to ask for a guy who will think up a cover story that won't include daddy
- Flashback again. Daddy Castle will disappear again. Castle: "But we umm....we just met. I got a lot of questions. I have a lot of things to say. I need to have more time."
Dad: "Maybe we can do that sometime. Someday."
- Daddy Castle: "I just want you to know son, I've always been proud of you. ALWAYS!"
- Castle is crying
- Alexis and Castle back in NY. Alexis: "I've never in my life been so happy to be home."
- Alexis and Castle hug
- They wonder if dad made it
- Martha is superhappy to see Alexis again
- Beckett is waiting for them too in Castle's apartment
- Caskett is together
- They hug and kiss
- Beckett hugged Alexis too
- Daddy Castle sent Castle a present. He send him a Casino Royale book
- Castle: "Mom, there is something I want to tell you."

End of the ep
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