Interview: Andrew Marlowe Talks About Episode 100

Last time I spoke with CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe, he admitted he was “just starting to think about” the upcoming episode 100 (which is set to air in spring). So when he and I chatted earlier today — and since he and his wife/fellow writer Terri Edda Miller are currently hard at work on the episode — I couldn’t resist digging to see what they had landed on for the big milestone.
“Here’s what we decided,” Marlowe teased. “The Bracken episode, episode 13, of this year, was pretty grand and operatic, and we’re also coming out of the two-parter [which is set to kick off on Monday, February 18th], which is [also] pretty grand and operatic. What I wanted for the 100th episode was a real classic, fun, bouncy, CASTLE episode, with some great Castle-Beckett stuff in it. Something that’s really a quintessential example of what we do here. That’s really what I’m aiming for. We’re going to be hitting some big notes towards the end of the season and I didn’t want to steal any thunder from that. So what I’m hoping for is an episode the fans just love for all the reasons they love CASTLE.”
And while the series hasn’t been shy about casting big name guest stars in the past, Marlowe indicated that the plan is to make the 100th hour more about the characters that keep fans tuning in every week.
“More our cast celebrating the achievement and milestone [versus guest stars],” he confirmed. “And you know, it falls in a funny place; it’s not in sweeps. We’ve certainly blown some money on the two-parter and we have to buy some of that back…it helps [to go smaller] in the scope of our season, because as much as 100 means a lot in terms of a round number, it’s also an episode that lies in an odd place in our season. And I feel like I have to honor a season of viewership, so we can go out with a bang and we’re not stealing thunder from the stuff we want to do later in the season.”
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