Interview: Molly Quinn About Her Onscreen Boyfriend, Episode 100 And Caskett

Have you ever wondered what Alexis Castle really thinks about Rick andBeckett’s relationship? Do you feel that we’ve gone too many episodes in Season 5 of without actually seeing Alexis’s boyfriend? Are you interested in what’s going to happen on the 100th episode of our favorite crime show? Well, Molly Quinn takes a moment to answer these burning questions!

In this Wetpaint Entertainment exclusive, we get some insight from theCastle starlet on finally meeting Alexis’s boyfriend, hitting the 100-episode mark, and where she stands on Caskett's 'ship!

Weren't you getting excited about actually seeing a boyfriend on screen, not just talking about him?

Molly Quinn: Oh, I don't know. I mean, I want it to be fun for everybody. If everyone wants to see a boyfriend, I'm happy to have a boyfriend. My parents have a very difficult time with people I bring home. So I think it would be fun to show Castle sweating a bit. I definitely have dated my fair share of guys who completely chat it up, and ones that are complete hippies, and ones that are a little too old. So I'd like to see that because there is nothing more stressful than that. My poor dad, I remember he was in town, and I said, “Oh, I'm going on a hike.” And he's like, “Who with?” And for this sake, we'll just say John. And I say, “Oh, John.” And he's like, “Have I met John?” “No, you haven't met John.” “How old is he?” And I said, “He's 28.” And my dad just looks at me, and he's like, “Well, you’re getting closer.”
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So you know what that feels like when you're playing those scenes with Nathan Fillion. It's method acting.

Oh my God, completely. I mean Nathan, he's just the same as my dad. It's really funny actually even seeing them together. But, yeah, Nathan is definitely the younger version of my dad. In fact, I think in the apartment, I don't have them up anymore, but for a while, there were young pictures of me and my dad, because my dad looks so much like Nathan when he was younger. He was him. So it was my dad, and I didn't get a double or anything. Life is so weird.

Without spoiling what happens two weeks from now, what has your experience been like on this show? Do you still love it?

Oh my gosh, absolutely. Our hundredth episode is coming up. Think about that. That’s a really big accomplishment, and I think all of us are just so busy cranking these episodes out, and just like, “Hi. Yeah. Bye.” That's what our day is every day. We're building the train that’s leaving the station. It's very hectic, but it's always fun. So to slow down and to really think, “I've been doing this show since I was 14.” That's a huge chunk of my life — 14 to 19. I don't know very many people who could say that they've had that kind of experience. So yes, every day I'm extremely grateful, and I'm having the best time of my life. I feel so grateful, and really when they gave me these episodes, so overwhelmed that they were trusting me with a two-parter. You know the history of our two-parters, they're frickin awesome.

And big.

Yeah, they're huge. I even had to go to Andrew [Marlowe], “Andrew, are you sure? Am I enough? Can I do this?” And of course he was very nice, and he said, “We wouldn't give it to you if you couldn't.” We're a family. We're an absolute family, and that comes along with all the squabbles and everything. So I think we’re very normal, actually. We're a very normal family doing extraordinary things on film, so I am very excited, and it has been just a wonderful journey.

Alexis has evolved so much. What’s been your favorite development?

I love working with Lanie. I love her, and I wanted more. I think I've told you guys before that Tamala [Jones] and I begged for years that we could work together. Getting to do that was so much fun. I think it really gives Alexis this feed. So I would like to do it again, and I have always thought — I just love working with Tamala, and I think we make a great team. So that's my favorite thing, seeing Alexis kind of get out of the box. She always hears about these murders from her dad, but dealing with it first hand is a completely different thing. So I think we really touched on some fun uneasiness in Alexis, in those episodes we really haven't seen since. So I would like to get back to that.
Castle and Beckett Cozy Up on Christmas in Castle Season 5, Episode 9: "Secret Santa"
What about Alexis' feelings about Castle and Beckett? Where are we at now?

You know, Alexis really sees that her dad is head over heels for Beckett, and I think she's slowly starting to relinquish her hold on her dad. A lot of her ego was tied up in that she was no. 1 with her dad. That she was the one he went to movies with. But I think, she is starting to realize that Beckett could be a good thing, and that Beckett is starting to care, and really this is potentially freeing Alexis up to do something. So I think she is finally coming to a balance, and she's at the point where she's saying, “OK, I'm going to draw my claws back. I'm going to come around a bit.” That's where I would say Alexis is.

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