Reality Star Struck: Episode details (MEGA SPOILERS)

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Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

- Sneak peek 2 is early in the episode
- The Ryan's are thinking about getting a baby
- They actually are trying to make one
- Sneak peek  5 was on (Gates is hilarious)
- If you seen it you know Castle manages to insult her again
- I guess Gates never saw Castle, if she thinks House Wives Of Wallstreet is the best show on TV
- In this episode is the scene where Beckett and Penelope (Gina Torres) are playing, that caused Stana Katic to miss the PCA's, it was probably the scene that was on now
- Espo"Hey, we've got a mystery here."
Castle: "You mean your Valentine's Day plans?"
Espo shushes Castle
- Ryan is late again...he was trying to make a baby again
- Castle to Beckett: "Is this your Valentine's Day gift to me? A complex mystery where nothing makes sense?"
 Espo interrupting Castkett again: "I hate to interrupt your little love connection..."
- Gates just ordered Castle and Beckett to watch the TV show 
- Castle bought Beckett jewelry!
- Castle after he stayed up all night to watch House Wives Of Wallstreet: "I can't feel my butt."
- Castle and Gates and fangirling together about the show
- Gates: "What about you detective? Did you watch House Wives Of Wallstrreet?" 
Beckett: "I watched one episode."
- Castle thought he did the jewelry in Kate's jacket, but he put it in Gates' jacket
- Castle: "Oh, you've got the wrong blazer there."
Beckett: "No, I didn't."
- Castle fangirling again: "Penelope and Bob are back together?! Spoiler alert!"
- When Castle sees Gates with his Valentine's Day present for Beckett: "This is a plot twist I didn't see coming."
- Beckett is doing the table flip
- She enters the room and starts screaming
- Beckett: "Are you pathologically incapable of telling the truth?"
- Castle still does not have back his gift for Beckett. Beckett: "Castle, what's going on between you and Gates today?"
- Will Gates find out about Caskett? Beckett is afraid so: "Castle did you write a note? Was it romantic? Did you write my name on it? God Castle! If Gates finds out we're dating..."
- Gates saw the gift!
- She thinks he has a secret admirer
- GATES MIGHT KNOW, she read the note
- Esplanie are celebrating Valentine's Day together
- Gates called Castle in her office...
- She thought Castle admired her. Gated: "I'm a married woman."
- Gates: "Now I will go home. To my husband. Because I'm his valentine."
- Caskett moments in Becketts apartment
- Caskett hug
- Caskett kiss
- "Now take your clothes off, put them in the drawer, and meet me in the bed."
- Beckett gave Castle a drawer for his clothes
- Caskett sex (not on camera, tho)

The episode has finished
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