Recoil: Episode details (MEGA SPOILERS)

Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

- The episode starts with: Previously on Castle...

- Beckett has some hair porn going on again
- Sneak peek scene, where Beckett finds out she will have a chance to get Bracken behind bars for once and for all
- Beckett: "It can't be. Melanie was having an affair with Senator Bracken."
- Beckett and Bracken...
- Espo to Ryan: "You know I was hoping the next time I saw him again, it would be at the end of the barrel of my gun."
- Bracken to Castle: "I know where I've seen you! You work with Detective Beckett."
- Bracken is the target of someone who wants to kill him (I guess we all hope he will get killed).
- Gates is back! (as we could already know from promo pics)
- Bracken is visiting the 12th (like you are now too:))
- Beckett: "I was finally gonna put this guy away, Castle. And now I'm protecting the man that murdered my mother."
- Bracken is scared as Gates tells him Beckett wants a moment alone with him
- Gates: "Detective Beckett will need a moment with you."
Bracken: "Why?"
Gates: "Because she's the lead detective of this case. Is there are a problem?"
- Beckett and the senator are now alone together in the same room
- Beckett: "Senator Bracken, is there anyone that wants to kill you?" (genius line)
- Beckett: "In my dreams, I'm the one that gets to pull the trigger. But if you are not comfortable with me leading this investigation then u can just step outside and tell everyone why you don't want me leading..."
Bracken doesn't answer
Beckett: "I guess then we're stuck with each other."
- Castle is worried. "So we're really not gonna talk about this?"
Beckett: "Castle, what is there to talk about?"
- Caskett moment! Castle touched her arm and said: "You are remarkable."
- Beckett got a letter and is talking about it with Dr. Burke. She wanted to burn the letter. It isn't clear yet who wrote the letter. It is a threat to Bracken.
- Beckett: "..because this time it feels like there's no right choice"
Dr. Burke: "Maybe the right choice is the one you can live with."
- Beckett lies about the letter to Castle
- Castle: "You doing alright?"
Beckett: "I need a second."
- Beckett was about to tell about the letter, till Espo came by
- Beckett didn't take a shot at the suspect fast enough. Does she want him to live to kill Bracken?
- Beckett: "I had him in my sight. I had him"
Castle: "So you missed. It happens to everyone."
Beckett: "No. I didn't miss"
- Beckett: "I almost pressed evidence. I was gonna burn that letter. I didn't miss McManus. I looked him in the eye and saw pain."
- Beckett: "What if I wanted him to get away? What does that make me?"
- Beckett: "I know what it feels like to lose someone you love. To feel that pain. Towards Bracken. He took someone close to me. He killed my mother."
- Beckett while interrogating the suspect with Castle and Gates in the observation room:
"And he went after my friends. Even tried to kill me."
- Gates to Castle: "Is she talking about Bracken?" Castle makes up an excuse.
- Castle has the key to Beckett's apartment
- Beckett thinks the killer wants to kill Bracken during an important speech.
- Castle to Beckett: "You know how important this speech is to Bracken. If you stop it and you're wrong, your career is over."
- Beckett: "This is detective Beckett badge number 41319 i'm calling for an evacuation."
- Beckett at the speech place to Bracken:"I think we need to speak alone. We believe someone you know is trying to kill you."
- Bracken after it seems Beckett was wrong: "I've overplayed your hand. And I. AM. GOING. TO. BURY. YOU
Beckett to Castle: "God Castle, how did we get this so wrong?"
- Beckett was right! They are trying to kill Bracken. 
- Beckett saves Brackens life
- Castle to Bracken: "I wouldn't have done it you know. What she did? I would have stood and watched."
- Beckett: "You know who's behind this don't you?"
Bracken: "I've got my suspicions."
Beckett: "Who?
- Bracken: "You saved my life. I guess i'm in your debt now."
Beckett: "Nothing's changed between us senator."
Bracken: "You might need a friend in the future."
- Beckett at the end of the ep in her apartment with Castle next to her on the couch: "He'll slip up eventually and when that comes, I'll be ready for him."

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