Recoil: Sneak Peek At The Sneak Peeks

The sneak peeks are coming soon, but till they are here we have to to it with what Examiner posted. They can watch the sneak peeks already, so they know what is coming up. Here is what they have seen:

After a grueling hiatus this week, sneak peeks are finally out on Feb. 1 for the thirteenth episode of this season of “Castle”. “Recoil” is the episode in which both Jack Coleman and Michael Dorn will be reprising their roles as Senator William Bracken and Dr. Carter Burke, respectively.
In the first clip, we have Castle, Beckett, Lanie and the boys at the crime scene. Castle goes to pull the sheet off of our victim, but Lanie advises him against it. She’s been burned beyond recognition, and every single one of her teeth has been pulled out. There’s still luck though, in figuring out her identity: Lanie finds a dental implant in her jaw, and it has a batch number on it.
In the second clip,
Castle and Beckett head off to a hotel to find out if the victim, who is discovered to be Melanie Rogers, was staying there two nights ago, and with whom. The man at the concierge desk is reluctant to reveal any information about her when questioned over her picture. He says their clients value their privacy. Once Beckett puts the pressure on him though, threatening to get a warrant for the names of all the people who have stayed there in the past year, the man slides a newspaper over and points to a picture on it. “You didn’t hear it from me,” he says, and walks away. It’s a picture of Bracken. “Melanie was having an affair with Senator Bracken,” Beckett says in disbelief.
Third and final clip we have Ryan and Esposito questioning Bracken at what appears to be his home. He doesn’t seem to recognize them at first, but once their questions start implying more than a professional involvement with Melanie Rogers, Bracken becomes defensive. “I know where I’ve seen you,” he says, pointing at them. “You work with Detective Beckett.” The boys share a look and Ryan says they only have a few more questions. The clip ends with Bracken saying they can call his lawyer.
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