Target: Sneak Peek At The Sneak Peeks

A lovely Valentine's Day gift has been handed out to the "Castle" fandom today. Sneak peek videos have been released on Feb. 14 for episode 5x15 "Target", the first of this year's two-parter. So far there are three sneaks in total, but considering they are numbered 1, 2 and 4, you can probably expect at least four sneak peeks by the time the episode airs. Without further ado, here's what's in them:
In sneak peek #1, we have the gang down at the crime scene. According to Lanie it was "man versus van." The victim was struck by a van and killed instantly, but according to a homeless man who witnessed it all, the victim was shooting at the van up until the moment he was struck and killed. The weapon isn't your average gun either; Espo says it's a Sig P220 S, and it's equipped with a weight compensator, target sight and custom molded grip. Very peculiar for a guy who is a Columbia student with an undeclared major. This information leads to Castle pulling out his phone, though he says "For the record, I'm not calling to check on Alexis. I'm just checking my email."
The second sneak starts at the precinct with Ryan telling Esposito, Castle, and Beckett that he's got something for them to see. It's video footage taken down the street from the crime scene of the van that struck the murder victim. As the footage rolls, the side door of the van opens and a girl runs out, only to be dragged back in. Beckett recognizes the abducted girl as Sara El-Masri.
The third clip finds Castle and Beckett questioning a man about some presentation that Sara El-Masri attended the night she was abducted. The man says that she was in attendance with a red haired girl with pale skin. Castle takes the list and checks it over and with a laugh says that it was Alexis. He proceeds to pull out his phone and call her, figuring he can ask her about Sara. As the phone rings, he can hear Alexis' ringtone in the room. Come to find out, it's in the lost and found drawer. Someone had found it in the street. Castle then says to Beckett, "They took Alexis, too."
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