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Need a little Friday boost? How about some CASTLE teases?

I just viewed “Target” (the first hour of the upcoming two-parter), and after getting some of your burning questions on Twitter, I have some tidbits about the episode to share!

As a reminder, always with these “You Ask, I Answer” posts, the intention is not to ruin your enjoyment of the hour. So while you may want to know every little detail, I’m not going to be the one to spill it all for you. But hopefully you’ll still enjoy these teases…

How does Alexis’s abduction affect Castle and Beckett’s relationship? Any immediate impact? - @Experiment_627 via Twitter

It leads to a couple of really sweet/heartbreaking talks between the duo, and there is an instance of at-work PDA. But if you were worried this would lead to distance or some sort of bad impact, that won’t be the case in “Target.”

How many times will Nathan Fillion (Castle) make us cry? I need to prepare and get a enough tissues. - @ToZiKa via Twitter

I don’t say this lightly: Fillion has never been better. It’s even more remarkable since the opening of the episode starts off relatively “normal,” so he has to play it all in this episode. He may make you weep, so maybe buy a box or two? (There’s at least one scene you’ll need them for.)

Will we see Castle’s dad at all in “Target” or will it just be in “Hunt”? Does Alexis know the other girl who gets kidnapped? – @myownlittlecrnr via Twitter

You’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for Castle’s father. And the only good news for Alexis is that she’s actually friends with the girl she’s kidnapped with.

How big will Beckett’s role be in the 2 parter? - @CMcCord25 via Twitter

She’s a teeny tiny bit in the background compared to every other week, but only barely so. This is a Castle-arc, but she has a very important role — she’s investigating the case and she’s supporting Castle while Alexis is missing.

Is there any chance that Alexis kidnapping is a link to 3XK? – @CourtOsen via Twitter

While that certainly would be interesting, nothing I’ve seen has indicated that is the case. That being said, I did talk with CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe about the possibility of 3XK returning, so look for that interview soon!

Any chance the fans will survive this two-parter? – @Vivis_23 via Twitter

Good. Luck.

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