The Lives Of Others: Script Sneak Peek

Our favorite cameraman Andrew posted a picture of the cake for Castle's 100th episode.

As we took a closer look we can make out two pages of script for this episode, The Lives Of Others.

Here is what the script says:


Almost there. Only two more weeks.

But it's already been two weeks.
Two weeks is an eternity.

Well, maybe next time we go skiing,
you won't be such a show off.

I wasn't showing off.
(off her look)
Okay, fine. I was showing off, but
I swear. I can do [...]-grab with
my eyes closed... [...]
my kneecap.

Martha [enters?] carrying [...]

I don't call you on your birthday,
it's not because I've forgotten.

She comes over to give him a kiss.

Oh, I won't think it's because
you've forgotten. I'll think it's
because you made other plans.

Well, what did you want me to [do?]
You and Beckett were supposed to [be]
celebrating in Bora Bora this [week?]

No, you're right. Have a [good time?]
at your retreat, on your [only son's]

It's a spa trip, not a guilt trip.
(to Beckett)
He's all yours. See you in a week.

Martha crosses back to her luggage and heads for the door.


C'mon, Castle. Stop feeling sorry
for yourself. I'll get us a
reservation and take you somewhere
nice for your birthday.

As nice as Bora Bora?

(calling from the door)
Kate, your ride's here.

They turn to see ESPO and RYAN enter as Martha scoots off.

Your ride?

[...] we had a [...]. I asked
the boys to pick me up so I'd have
time to make you breakfast.

I'm missing [...] Come on,
take me with you. Please.

Uh uh. We talked about this. Not
until you're better... Hey guys,
just let me grab my coat.

Beckett crosses to the bedroom, as the boys land.

Hey Castle, how's the knee?

The knee's not the problem. It's
the boredom.

I thought writers like being alone.

If I could write. But the
painkillers make me loopy. Last
night I used the word "speculate"
in three consecutive sentences.

Ryan drifts past him to the window, spots a pair of
binoculars sitting on a table. He holds them up.

As we had already a previous spoiler with just the two words Rear Window, it seems like the episode will be similar to the movie Rear Window in the way that their will be a murder spotted from the apartment of Castle.

Are you looking forward to this episode, that actually will air on Richard Castle's birthday, April 1st?

Source: Examiner
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