Twelfth Precinct Exclusive: Karen David Talks Target & Hunt

Tonight Castle will start with the first part of this seasons two-parter, Target. An episode all Castle-fans have looked forward too, the moment it was announced.

To fill up the wait till tonight 10/9c, has an exclusive interview for you, you can’t miss. We spoke with the lovely Karen David, who will play the role of Sara El-Masri, Alexis’ abducted friend.

You might know Karen already from the TV series Waterloo Road, Pixelface and her guest star role in the pilot from Touch. Or you might know her from parts in the blockbusters Batman Begins or Scorpion King 2. But if you don’t know her yet, then we are sure you will never forget her anymore after her story arc on Castle, that will begin tonight with Target, and will end next week Monday with Hunt.

Twelfth Precinct: Were you already a big fan of Castle before you got the role in this seasons two-parter?

KD: I had watched episodes of Castle in the past and really enjoyed the storylines and the characters too. I knew it had an incredible fan base as well so this has been a real treat to be part of such a wonderful show.

Twelfth Precinct: How was it to play in Castle? A lot of guest stars are enjoying their time on the set of Castle, as there is a good atmosphere. How was your experience with that?

KD: It's like one big family on the set. Everyone was really lovely and made me feel very welcome. I had a great time filming. On one particular Monday, they had 'Music Monday', where they played some fantastic music in between setups and takes throughout the day. It was a fantastic playlist, and besides giving you some dancing feet in between takes, it was a nice energy boost too!

Twelfth Precinct: Castle has an amazing talented cast and crew. How was it to work with them?

KD: As I said earlier, they were all so lovely and fun to work with. Loved the crew and my stuntmen who I was working with as well. Most of my scenes were with Molly, and I had a wonderful time working with her. She's funny, talented and a smart lady too! We talked about everything under the sun, but especially about our Yorkies, as she has two and I have one as well.

Twelfth Precinct: What can you tell us about the storyline?

KD: In this 2 part special, you see the daughter of a wealthy businessman who is abducted and everything that unravels and is connected to the kidnapping, is sure to keep everyone at the edge of their seats!

Twelfth Precinct: You'll be playing Sara El-Masri, what can you tell us about that character?

KD: Sara is a sophomore student at Columbia University. She majors in marine biology and becomes really good friends with Alexis on campus. She has lived in New York since she was ten but has studied abroad. She attempts to keep herself calm after being kidnapped by unknown assailants.

Twelfth Precinct: What were the challenges to play her?

KD: It dawned on me that this was the first time I've really explored the emotion of fear, and I mean fear on a much higher level. It is all consuming and such a fine line in keeping the balance of portraying genuine fear. The unknown of not knowing where you are, what has happened, mixed in with the shock of it all, and the disbelief of what is happening, is overwhelmingly palpable with Sara's storyline. When I was about 8 years old, I was going over to some of my neighbor’s homes, asking for sponsors for my school's dance-a-thon. We were raising money to build a new stage theatre in our school. We lived in a safe and lovely neighborhood, but that sunny afternoon, there was a man in a beat up old sports car, I'll never forget it...yellow with a black stripe through the middle. He was driving slowly, trying to get me to come closer to his car and take some sweets from him. Remembering everything my parents and teachers had taught us about talking to strangers, I started walking faster, ignoring him, and he got out of the car and started running after me. You can just imagine how petrified I was, and thankfully, I was nearby my neighbors’ home, so I banged on their door and they let me in, and told them what happened. I also managed to take the man's license plate down as I had my clip board and pencil and wrote it all over my hand as I was running. They called the police and that man was tracked down and later charged with attempted kidnapping of not only myself, but a bunch of other young girls in the surrounding suburbs. So I could completely relate to the fears of Sara and her parents as well. It gave me the chills.

Twelfth Precinct: A lot of fans are worried that they won't be able to handle the intensity of the two-parter. Are their worries justified?

KD: I can understand that! It will keep you guessing and hanging at the edge of the cliff, but it'll be worth it. I wish I could say more!

Twelfth Precinct: After Castle, your next big project will be the new Jack Ryan movie. What can you tell us about that?

KD: I have a fun cameo in the new Jack Ryan movie, playing a Michelle Rodriquez, tomboy kind of FBI agent named Penn. Working with Kenneth Branagh was an amazing experience. I also had to train with firearms weapons which was a real mind game to have to go through. You're training with real guns and knowing quite understandably, the sensitivity with gun control, it really makes you think. Even though I was shooting blanks, not gonna lie, it was initially intimidating to be holding these pistols, glocks, machine guns, but once I was comfortable with them, I was able to enjoy playing my character. At the end of the day, my character, being an FBI agent, has been using guns her whole career, so I had to look incredibly comfortable using one! lol I guess you could say, it was another skill to add to the resume! 

Before Castle broadcasts tonight, Karen will do a Twitcam today, where you can ask her more about Castle. The Twitcam will start at midnight UK time/7pm East Cost Time/4PM West Coast Time/1am European Time.
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