Castle Cliff Notes: Scared to Death

Longest 3 weeks EVER!  Are you all still out there Castle fans or was anyone actually scared to death?  I am a horror movie baby, and am not ashamed to say “The Ring” scared the crap out of me so I was slightly nervous about this episode and thought I might be watching it from the cracks between my fingers over my face.  I don’t know about you guys though, but I loved it!  It had all the elements of a classic Castle episode that I love: a good mystery, humor, suspense, Caskett teasing/flirting, and great moments involving the entire team.  Choosing 5 moments was hard, especially since I have been countdown deprived over the last 3 weeks, but I picked some good ones so hopefully you also enjoyed them!

5. Grown Ass Man
            Going to the Brunswick Inn after Castle declines, Beckett and Esposito enter to find no one inside.  Esposito even comments that it looks like no one has been there “this century” with all the dust on the front desk.  Beckett asks if he is buying into “Castle’s spirit craziness” and in a very non-convincing manner Espo says “No - afraid of some old campfire story?  I’m a grown ass man!”  At that exact moment, a man asks if he can help them which sends Esposito backing up into a wall which he explains to Beckett was him being “startled, not scared.”  Yea right Espo… you aren’t fooling Beckett and you aren’t fooling us.  Looks like macho Esposito even gets scared every once and a while, but don’t worry Esposito, if I would have been there I would have ran out the front door!  Or possibly into his arms… I mean….

4. Logic
            Looking at the article discussing the grave robbing of the serial killer, Castle says to Beckett “Alright let’s hear it.” Confused Beckett asks “hear what?” and Castle says “Your explanation for this.  If there’s one thing I can always count on it’s you and your logic.”  Stalling, Beckett says “you want me to explain the dead serial killers missing body? I don’t know what happened here… yet” Uh oh, looks like the one time Castle wants Beckett to ruin his story with her logic she can’t! (I love references to past episodes) The look on Castle’s face when she couldn’t explain it was priceless!  He wanted a logical explanation so bad, and for once she couldn’t give him one.  I felt like she was starting to get a little scared about the whole case too but continues to try to hunt for the logical answer.  

3. This Could Be Our Last Time…
Trying to pass the curse on, Castle suggests making a copy of the DVD and passing it on but Ryan and Espo tell him that’s a bad idea since the people they pass it onto will die.  Castle asks if anyone else has a better idea if not for him “at least for Beckett.”  Surprised, Beckett says “Castle that’s so sweet!  You want me to outlive you?” Ruining the sweet moment in a very Castle-ly way he says “Of course!  Who else is going to tell my tale of sacrifice and selflessness?”  Sigh, it is always about the story isn’t it Castle?  Looking at the murder board trying to compare the two victims, Castle tells Beckett that if there are going to be photos of them up there, they should pick them out now.  Beckett suggests that they use the photo she took of him in bed the other night but Castle says he doesn’t want to be remembered that way.  Hmmm, and what exactly were you doing in those photos Castle!?!  Beckett tells him she is kidding and that there will be no photos of them on the murder board because they will find the killer.  She then says it is getting late and suggests that Castle come over to her place “and take some more photos” which Castle seems ok with at first before remembering the DVD and explaining that the people who have sex in horror movies always die.  Having fun with his fear, Kate tempts him, in a very flirtatious voice, saying “Are you sure?  I mean think about is Castle…this could be our last time.” Clearly feeling the effects of sexy Beckett talk, Castle runs into a table and says he is removing himself from temptation and runs into a doorframe on his way out of the precinct.  I always love it when Beckett teases Castle, so this was a very easy pick for this week’s countdown!

2.  Who’s Next?
After watching the video, Castle tells the team that the spirit inside the DVD is what kills the victims based off information from a urban legend book.  Esposito mocks him asking how a DVD will kill him (which earns the spirit explanation from Castle in an “I can’t believe you even had to ask that” voice) and Ryan compares it to the “The Ring” which prompts Kate to point out that they are comparing it to a movie so it’s all fake.  Beckett starts to divide up tasks and asks Ryan to watch the DVD for clues but he hesitates, clearly worried about watching it, and says that since he and Jenny are trying to make a baby they are following all superstitions so he would rather not risk it.  Kate then passes it off to Espo who says “nahhhh.  I can’t watch that.  If I watch that it’s going to make my partner out to be a wimp and I can’t have that.”  This earns a “thanks bro” from Ryan and they exchange “the rock” before Beckett, annoyed, goes “This is so pathetic. Fine, I will watch it.”  Everyone seems ok with this at first, before Castle realizes that this means Beckett could also die.  He tries to convince her not to watch it, while “taking precautions” and protecting the precinct before asking Beckett if she wants to hold his hand.  She declines saying she isn’t scared and Castle tells her he wasn’t asking for her.  Aww scaredy-Castle!  After watching, Beckett admits it is creepy but only because the killer made it creepy.  This whole interaction between Beckett, Castle, Ryan, and Espo was classic Castle and I loved how all of the guys tried to be macho until they were called upon to watch the video.  Also, Castle’s face once he realized that Kate was going to watch it was priceless.  I love moments like this that demonstrate Castle’s desire to protect Beckett even if it is from something as silly as a haunted DVD and how he tries to be valiant even though he is super scared!

1.  The Bucket List
After the case, Beckett and Castle are drinking at her apartment celebrating the end of the case and Kate tells Castle he can finally get rid of his bucket list; but not before she is able to read it.  With a surprised look on her face Beckett says “Be with Kate.  That’s your #1?  When did you write this?” Castle casually says he wrote it 3 years ago and then excitedly says he can cross it off now.  Clearly thinking the same thing all of us are thinking (awwwwww!) Beckett does what we can’t and leans in to give Castle a kiss but looking scared he pulls back.  Obviously still scared about the video and the death curse says there is still one minute till midnight and he doesn’t want to take chances which Beckett says is a shame because “ there is one thing on my bucket list that I would like to accomplish and it involves a little trick that I do.. with ice.”  How about that reference back to season 3?!?!  Flustered, Castle says that that “sounds worth living for” and Kate taunts him saying “Hey, Castle the ice is melting.”  Castle looks at his watch waiting for midnight and then gets a mischievous grin on his face, looks like it’s time to finally figure out what the trick is!  Too bad for us though, the episode comes to an end L. Come on!  Just 5 more minutes?!?! Heck, I’d take 30 more seconds! My heart melted when we found out that “be with Kate” was number one on Castle’s list (from 3 years ago even!) and I personally loved that it said “be with Kate” and not “be with Beckett.”  It made it seem even more personal to me.  Overall, just loved this scene: perfect Castle and Beckett moment with a reference to previous episodes for loyal fans!

So Castle fans what did you think?  Did you feel like this was a “classic” Castle episode or was it not a favorite?  Were you hiding under a blanket during the last scene or was that just me? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle…or anything else J

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