Castle Cliff Notes: The Wild Rover

I’ve got two words for you Castle fans: Fenton O’Connell.  Earlier this season we got an Esposito centered episode and this week Kevin Ryan fans got their wish!  In an episode full of ups, downs, and enough Irish accents to make you feel like you’re actually in Ireland and need an Irish beer we got to learn a lot about Detective Kevin Ryan.  So get your Irish accents ready, get in character with an epic montage, and let’s start the countdown!

**As a disclaimer I will say that I loved the interesting chemistry between Siobhan and Ryan/Fenton but I have to rank my favorites.  So I don’t want you to think I didn’t like them, it was just so hard to choose this week and I wish I could include them all!

5. Mrs. Esposito
Talking to Beckett, Esposito expresses that he is upset Ryan never told him about his history of being undercover.  Beckett says “Espo he didn’t even tell Jenny” which did not satisfy Espo. He responds with “yea but I’m his best friend – she’s just his wife.” This brings about one of my favorite Beckett lines of the episode “thus proving why there is no Mrs. Esposito.”  A little offended Esposito says “hey! It’s hard to find a woman for this much man.”  Keep telling yourself that Espo, but we all know the right woman for you and she happens to work in the morgue!

4. Doing the Right Thing
Another moment I enjoyed in this episode was the rare Jenny/Beckett scene.  Worried about Kevin, Beckett suggests Jenny come to the break room and get some coffee with her.  Jenny, visibly worried, says “so you don’t know where he is?”  Beckett says “Um…No but we are going to find him and we don’t believe he’s in any immediate danger.”  Still confused about the whole undercover side of Kevin, Jenny asks “why would he do a thing like this?” and tries to justify it saying “maybe he thinks he has something to prove because of all our pregnancy stuff.”  Beckett provides an excellent explanation and reassures Jenny that he is doing this for a number of reasons but the main one being he “wants to do the right thing.”  She explains that that is who he is, that’s why he became a cop and that’s why Jenny fell in love with him.  Still worried Jenny confesses that she “just wants him to come home.”  She sounded so defeated at this moment and you couldn’t help but feel her pain. I love it when Beckett comforts others and I think that being with Castle has given her more insight into what someone in a relationship needs to hear to be comforted and put at ease.  More Beckett and Jenny in the future please oh mighty Castle writers??  Maybe even Beckett, Jenny, and Lanie!  I can dream right?

3. Jordan
So who is the mysterious Jordan that Castle mentioned 14 times in his sleep?  Well it turns out Jordan actually isn’t a person but is Jordan Motor Company.  When he was in boarding school Castle desperately needed an A on paper (to avoid flunking out) so he paid $250 for another person to write his term paper on that car company. Castle says the experience changed how he saw himself and his teacher even read it to class. It was the first time he was celebrated and it was a fraud.  Turns out that Castle learned a valuable lesson from the whole scenario because “that’s how he learned to write.” According to Castle he “wrote and wrote” so that he could earn the applause himself and he is still trying to get that applause.  Beckett finally speaks saying “you’re right Castle, it does change how I see you - It makes me like you just a little bit more.” Awwww.  See no need to be sad Castle, Beckett actually found the whole thing sweet.  And how about the kiss?!?!  We actually got to see a good kiss and good lighting!  Personally, that was my favorite kiss this season!  Although, I will admit I was hoping Jordan was maybe a name Castle liked for a baby and was dreaming of Caskett kids.  Oh well!  Good dialogue + good kiss with the added bonus of good lighting = top moment!

2.  Baby Ryan
At the very end of the episode, Ryan returns home to a worried Jenny who asks if the undercover part of his life is over.  He tells her that now it is and she says “good because I need to know that you’re going to be here and I need to know that I can depend on you; especially after the test results we got back from the fertility doctor.”    Ryan responds with what we are all thinking and says “oh no… bad news?”  My heart about dropped when Jenny said yes but she continued with “we took all those damn tests for nothing… I’m already pregnant.”  HOORAY!!  How excited is everyone for little baby Ryan?!?! I already hope it has its daddy’s blue eyes! J I’m so happy for our fictional little family. Jenny may not be able to; but let’s pop some champagne in honor of the Ryan family and say it all together now… She’s Pregnant!

1.  12th Precinct Assemble!
Out on the docks, it looks like Ryan may have gotten himself into a situation even he can’t get out of.  After saying that he can’t shoot Siobhan, he reveals that he is a cop and tells Bobby, Liam, and Keane that they are all under arrest and he used Liam’s phone to call his partner for backup.   Turns out his backup showed up at just the right time and he yells “Yo, Javi! Where you at?” We are left hanging for a second thinking maybe they didn’t show up before Espo walks out from behind the shadows.  Ryan then asks if they want to meet the rest of his crew and yells for Beckett.  She appears saying “you called Ryan?” Finally, he says “Castle!”  Also appearing looking confused, he says “seriously? I didn’t bring my vest.”  Leave it to Castle to bring comic relief into a serious situation.  Now, you may be wondering why I made this my #1 moment with all the other great moments… well here you go.  First, the whole introduction of the team thing made me think of the 12th precinct crew as super heroes being assembled (seriously! don’t laugh!).  Second, I loved seeing the team come to help Ryan and I think it perfectly described each character with Castle being his goofy self.  Overall, 100% entertaining!

So Castle fans what did you think? Did the Ryan episode meet your expectations or fall flat?  Should we start guessing if the Ryan baby will be a boy or girl and potential baby names? And who’s ready for the 100th episode?!?! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle…or whatever else comes to mind!

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