Interview: Tamala Jones Previews Episode 100 And Talks About Esplanie

ABC’s hit series, Castle, may be in the midst of a short hiatus, but things heat up when the show resumes on Monday, March 18. Series star Tamala Jones, who plays television’s smartest, sexiest, and sassiest medical examiner, Lanie Parish, took time out of her busy schedule to give TV Guide Canada the inside scoop.

The Castle team completed shooting their 100th episode last week, a milestone that Jones described as “very exciting and very emotional,” speaking of the celebration by saying, “We all felt so much love from each other, so it was great.”

Jones attributed the success of the show and its appeal to both creator Andrew Marlowe and the Twitter world. “I think one of the things that we do is cater to the audience. Andrew does a very good job at coming up with something that is touching on what the fans want to see but in such a clever way,” Jones stated. “We’ve got a whole Twitter family for Castle and we’ve really connected with [the fans]. People didn’t think Castle would last a season and here we are at Season 5. We owe that to the fans for sure.”

Jones remained mum about the highly-anticipated 100th episode, though she did reveal that, “It is a major, major cliffhanger. It’s mixed with lots of mystery and lots of adrenaline rushes all the way through, but the cliffhanger is spectacular. But you know, that’s how Castle does it. That’s what we do.”

With this season already featuring an Esposito-centric episode and with a Ryan-centric instalment coming up, fans have been curious as to whether we will see Lanie take center stage. “I keep hearing little whispers that Lanie may. But you know, Andrew is so secretive. But I believe you’re definitely going to see a Lanie-centric episode.”

As for Lanie and Esposito’s current relationship status, Jones revealed, with an infectious laugh, “They are back together. You’ll see them doing things and being together, but I can’t tell you how.”

When asked what fans could expect from the final stretch of episodes this season, Jones laughed again and admitted, “We don’t know jack. Andrew and his writer crew, are like ninjas in the night.” She added, “He throws little hints out there. We’re kind of like you guys, just waiting to see what’s going to happen.”

She did reveal what she would like to see in a future episode, though. “I would love to see a parent of Lanie’s or a sister,” she mused. “What made [Lanie] become a medical examiner? Why’s she such a commitment-phobic when it comes to marriage? She just hasn’t talked about her past at all, so I’d like to see someone come in and kind of out her a little bit.”

Jones also commented on how wonderful an environment the Castle set was, stating, “We’re like a love fest over there and it’s rare in this business. We really, really love each other.” She also showed some affection towards Marlowe, describing him by saying, “He’s a good man, he’s a great writer, and he doesn’t believe in rushing anything, that’s for sure!”

Above all else, Jones was quick to show adoration for the fans. “I totally appreciate and love them dearly for all of their support. It has not gone unnoticed.” She went on to say, “It just feels good as an artist that people actually love what you do and what you bring. So I just want them to know that I love them too.”

With comments like that, along with some of television’s best storytelling and most compelling characters, it’s not difficult to understand why the fans love Jones and her Castle cast and crew.

Source: TVGuide Canada
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