Interview: Tamala Jones Talks 100th Episode And more

"Shooting Episode 100 was the most beautiful moment I had on Castle.


More than just a gorgeous, talented and charismatic actress having the world ahead of her, Tamala Jones is also an incredibly lovely, inspiring and delightful woman I was very lucky to get to interview recently. And needless to say, I had a blast. With her charming self, beautiful laugh and huge love of life and people, here are the few confessions she agreed to share with the site exclusively. 

Starting talking about her current job on ABC’s Castle, The gorgeous 38 years-old actress, who brilliantly portrays the sassy –and beloved by all the fandom- M.E Lanie Parish confessed that shooting episode 100 was pretty emotional.

 “That was crazy. Everybody was so emotional, people were crying, we were so happy that we made it…they had this beautiful cake and it was like “Oh my God, are we really here?”

"It was like a big big big blessing and the room was full of love, and not just like with the actors, but the crew, people we don’t even get to see like the editors…they all came down and we all were able to celebrate that moment and taking hands and hug each other…It was warm and the most beautiful moment I had on Castle.

                                               The cast and crew of Castle celebrating episode 100 on set

This episode, Hitchcock-based and called “The lives of Others” will air next monday, and deals with, according to Tamala, some great mystery, but also a little bit of romance…and not only for Caskett.

You’re gonna see some Lanie and Esposito interaction too.” And, she goes further : “I think Esposito and Lanie are definitely back together.

Having those two witty and funny characters back together would make the numerous diehard Esplanie shippers of the fandom happy. But, we all remember the previous season and that Halloween Episode (4x06 “Demons”) where Esplanie abruptly ended things because of Lanie’s fear of commitment. So, is she gonna be scared again?

I think Andrew has to write about why she is commitment phobic.” Tamala says on that. “That would give us a chance to explore more into Lanie but I think she’s back with Esposito for good.”

And for the Lanie centric episode all her fans are willing to see, Tamala sadly confirmed nothing’s planned yet, but that show creator Andrew Marlowe and his wife Terri Edda see all the tweets of the fans asking more Lanie.
For this possibly upcoming episode, Tamala would love to have Pam Grier playing her mum, and she’s pretty confident it could happen.

Once they do a Lanie centric episode, I’m sure they’ll call her. She’s amazing.

Also, to explore her character a little more, I suggested that it could be great to bring back her Ryan’s wedding plus-one friend Toby [played by Timon Kyle] to find out more about their friendship and past.

That was actually a pretty good thing, and I could run by Andrew: “When you’ll be ready to write the Lanie centric episode, can we bring Toby back?””
Well Mr Marlowe, if you ever read this, Lanie fans would LOVE to see Toby again.

                       Lanie and Esposito with their "plus-ones" at Ryan's wedding (Castle's 4x11 Til Death Do Us Part)

Sadly, we won’t be pleased to see the witty Lanie in Castle’s season five finale, as Tamala confessed she, among a few others of her co-stars, won’t be in the finale episode. As an absolute Tamala and Lanie fan, I was truly disappointed to hear that, but the big fan of the show that she is, kept telling me that Lanie fans would love it anyway.

“I can tell you that the last episode is so not what you’re gonna be expecting. It’s crazy and not the typical ending…The cliffhanger is insane. I never used the word insane before, but it’s insane. The way it’s written is so good. It’s really good.” 
The beautiful actress also confessed that she wouldn’t mind shooting some Castle scenes in the future with Dana Delany again, Sharon Stone, Resident Evil’s Boris Kodjoe, and, why not, even Denzel Washington himself. Another potential guest star we could see on Castle, is her LA Lakers friend Dwight Howard, who told her his desire to be on the show, to, why not, spice things up between Lanie and Esposito by playing a new Lanie love interest. In another interview, Tamala even said she connected him to Andrew at the beginning of this season, but with his busy schedule, and the already pre written episodes, it couldn’t happen yet. Maybe season 6?

“We just have to try again next season” Tamala teased. Even though we’re not willing to see Lanie and Esposito having troubles again, are we?!

You wouldn’t even believe which episode of Castle is her favorite. “My favorite episode was Once Upon a Crime. [4x17] I loved the fairy tale, mystery murders. I thought that was very cute, well written and kind of crazy!” 

And for her favorite Lanie moment this season, she answered : “I loved the episode where Castle’s ex-wife comes to stay with him, and Lanie and Beckett had that exchange in the morgue.

As for her non Castle projects, Mrs Jones is featured in the independent movie Things Never Said, based on domestic violence and directed by Charles Murray. Not officially released yet, the crew and cast (Shanola Hampton, Elimu Nelson among others) still present the movie in a few festivals all around the USA.
It’s a really great independent movie and it has great actors in it. It’s an emotional but funny but great piece. It has a combination of domestic violence, of somebody trying to free their minds from past, negative things that had happened to them, so they turn to spoken words and start writing powerful poetry...And then, getting out of the domestic violence situation, how important is to have friends that care about you, that you know you can always turn to…"


Tamala as Daphne in Things Never Said (Photo credit :

"There’s so many different levels in that movie of life and I think once it does get release it’s gonna do really well.

Tamala also shared pretty interesting details on The Box, another non Castle project she shot last summer, but this time, with a Castle co-star, and none other than her onscreen love interest Jon Huertas, who, according to her, never gets sick of flirting with her on the Castle set.

Jon is an amazing person to work with. Whenever we had those kissing scenes, he’s like kissing me all day. I was like “Jon, it’s just for the scene.” He was like “I know, but I love your lips.” So I get kisses from him all day!” she laughs.

The Box, a powerful short period piece Jon wrote and directed himself, deals with the sensitive topic of slavery.

It’s heartbreaking. So heartbreaking. It’s a film centered on slavery time and you learn the difference between the darker skinned slaves and lighter skinned slaves, the little things they did that got them in trouble.

Jon and Tamala’s characters meet after both being punished for separate infractions, as they’re thrown in the same box.

There’s a prejudiceness between the two because I’m in the field, he’s in the house… But we start talking, and this unbelievable love story develops in that short period of time.

 Tamala, Jon and Bryan Dechart on the set of The Box (July 2012) 

Even if it’s a short movie first, she explained that Jon would actually love to make it a complete movie and is working hard trying to bring it to film festivals such as Sundance, among others.

Jon would love to make a complete movie, and I told him I’m so willing to do that.”

As she doesn’t have new projects (yet!) to shoot during the Castle break, Tamala, who has a passion for cooking, will divide her time between working on her cookbook (which should release by the top of next year) and her charity. She just became the spokesperson of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, after she survived a brain aneurysm herself when she was aged of 23. (read more about Tamala’s aneurysm here), and she will also be featured in Charlie Mack’s Party for Piece weekend just like she did last summer, in benefits of kids in prison.

A lot of them have murdered someone or raped someone or done something crazy so we go and talk and try to inspire them.”

As an Inspirational philanthropist, she would love people to be more positive themselves and love each other more.

That would just be the greatest thing. Since the economy is gone down and it’s been hard on everybody financially, people are so mean. We all go through hard times, I've even been through some hard times but you just gotta work through it and try to stay positive. Yes, go ahead be sad and cry. Yes, be angry and scream…But move past it! I really wish people wouldn’t focus so much on negativity and be more positive.

And it's not a surprise when we know the huge heart made of gold she has, which is, by the way, her favorite quality about herself. 

“I have a kind heart. I’m very kind, and I’ve been hurt by people so many times. In your human life you go through people hurting you, taking your kindness for weakness but I never changed. I love that I still stay kind no matter what. I can still be kind to people.”


 Tamala loves cooking and she currently works on her first cookbook.

Last but not least, Tamala would love to thank her fans and "Twitter family" for their support she truly appreciates.
I love you guys, all very much and I’m very grateful for all the support.”

Well, needless to say we LOVE her too!!!

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