Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish) recently gave us plenty of details about Castle’s 100th episode, and now we’ve got part two of our exclusive with the funny and effervescent actress in which she talks about the future of Esplanie, her relationship with Molly Quinn, and much more.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We saw Lanie and Esposito head off to a Valentine's dinner. What happens next?

Tamala Jones: Well, you know what happens on Valentine's Day night … They're back together. They are back together, and we will see more Esplanie later in the season. But they are definitely back to flirting and throwing eyes and little sly comments while at work.

Are you happy about that?

I am. I'm like, why did they break us up in the first place? But I love how they write the show. It's like they put a little leg out, and then they take it back, you know what I mean? And you're like, "Wait a minute,"  but it makes you want it more. And when you get it, you're like, "Yes. What's going to happen next?" And that's why I think that the writers are such geniuses on this show, and Andrew [Marlowe] being the Captain of the genius league. I mean, we're in good hands.

Fans are obsessed with these two. What are they doing when we're not watching them? I think that's the most fascinating bit — this obsessing about what is going on when we're not watching them.

Yeah. But that's it. Like what if we all just went in as Esplanie, and Lanie and Esposito did everything that everybody wants to see earlier on, you wouldn't care about us now. You'd be like, oh, we’re over you guys. But Andrew teases the fans in the audience enough to where you’re feeling for it. And I love that he does that. It drives me crazy too. I'm right there with you guys. I'm always like, "why?" But he's great.

What about Lanie and Alexis? Is that happening?

Yeah. It's got to happen. Molly and I are already talking about going to talk to Andrew and picking his brain and seeing when because, um, hello, you can't start that and stop it. We don't want to tell the boss how to run his business, but we kind of want to see what's going on because they're very secretive of the writing, even with us. Like we don't get it until a day or two before it's time to start shooting the next episode.

And then you're like, where's the scene with Lanie and Alexis?

But Andy did say he was going to be writing more for myself and for Molly's character and also Martha, the mom. He did mention this a few months ago before the Christmas holiday. So they write ahead so many episodes, and they tweak it as it gets closer to shooting it. So we'll see.

Beckett and Lanie Look Over the Victim's Body on Castle Season 5, Episode 18: "The Wild Rover"

Did you like working with Molly? I hear that was something that you two had lobbied for a while?

My God. I love working with Molly. I'm going to tell you, out of all of those professional actors on that set, Molly is the most professional of us all. She's very focused. She's sharp, and she can tell me my lines. I'm like, "What was that?" And she tells me what my line was and where I was standing and what I was holding. And I just love her, the innocence in this young woman is just God-sent, and she's got her sass too, very intelligent young woman and such a lady. And it’s refreshing to see that in this business because everybody's not like Molly around her age.

What about Lanie and Beckett? We had some really delicious, girly wine drinking and gossiping scenes. Are we going back to that at all?

I think we may. I don't really know, but Andrew knows that the audience must see that and likes to see that. So with him right now, I think where he's focusing on is some Esplanie and some Beckett and Lanie scenes and he's going to throw in an Alexis coming down to the morgue scene here and there.

Did you enjoy those girly scenes with Stana?

Oh my God, yes. I love the scene when we were at her house having wine, and I was telling her, 'Look. The man is not going to wait forever. You need to let him know how you feel," and she was like, "Well, you let Esposito know how you feel and look at you guys." And I'm like, "Oh, I still get booty calls." I love that scene.

It's just fun to see what they're like when they're not solving a crime, which is obviously the ole point of the show.

I think that's what separates us from all the other crime shows on television, that you do see those sides. You know what I mean? And you do see what they do outside of solving crimes. You get to go to their homes. You get to be in their love life. You meet their crazy mom and their beautiful daughter. I think that's part of the joy of Castle.

So any crazy murder mysteries that we can tease?

I'm sorry. I'm trained. I can just tell you for all those people that have problems with being upset with paying your taxes. There's an IRS episode. We've got one of those for you. That's about all I can tease for now.