Nathan Fillion Talks About What's Next For Daddy Castle's Storyline

While we finally got an opportunity Monday night to meet Richard Castle’s father, it was basically so light of a taste that both we and fans around the country are still hungering for more. So is James Brolin going to return to “Castle” anytime soon, or at least be a topic of conversation? While doors are certainly open for something down the road, it does not appear as though the character is going to be back in at least the immediate future.
In a new interview with TVLine at the show’s 100th episode premiere party, Nathan Fillion confirmed that his character does not tell Alexis or his mother about the Brolin’s character in any of the episodes that they have filmed thus far. However, he did say that it was fantastic to have an opportunity to give this character some sense of closure, even if it was fairly fleeting:

“To find out that his dad has had a hand in his life ever since he was kid, that his dad has been there in the wings, I think, for Castle, is a good feeling. He can’t have any feelings of, ‘I was abandoned.’ He knows now his dad has been a shadow.”
If we had to guess as to what executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe is planning when it comes to Castle’s father, he wants to leave some story in his back pocket when it comes to the character for a future season or even the finale. This is similar to what he has done thus far with Senator Bracken, even though part of the mystery surrounding him is already resolved.

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