Scared To Death: Episode Details (MEGA SPOILERS)

After Hunt, Castle is finally back tonight! To celebrate that, we will be bringing you live updates of the episode, while it is airing in Canada. (don't ask me for links, bc there aren't any unfortunately)

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Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

Here we go...

- Murder victim who is calling 911: "It's coming for me!! I'm gonna die" *SCREEEEAAAMS*

- The 911 operator sounds a bit like Nathan Fillion
- Perlmutter is back! Bad luck for Lanie fans this episode
- Beckett: "Did u find anything yet?"
Castle: "Yes! Closet full of stiletto's more than yours. Didn't think it's possible."
- Castle sees the video, that he shouldn't been watching. Now he is doomed to be the next dead person (sounds a bit like the old classic 'Wrapped Up In Death', doesn't it?)
- As you probably already know, you can expect a pretty hilarious Castle episode tonight. Not much drama, just comedy in Scared To Death (and hopefully some romantic Caskett moments)
- Castle is reading the side effects of the video
- For police business Ryan and Espo must watch the video too, but they refuse
- Beckett has to do it then
- But Castle doesn't want her to watch it
- But she isn't scared of the video, so they are watching it together
- Beckett isn't scared at all
- Perlmutter: "Ahh Detective Beckett. Aaaand Defective Castle."
- Espo is trying to get into Castle's will, in case he would die
- Beckett and Espo are saying goodbye to each other in case they will die because of the video
- Castle: "I knew I never should have let you watch that disc. Now in 48 hours, we'll both be dead."
- Castle: "If not for me, then for Beckett"
Beckett: "That's so sweet, Castle. You want me to out live you."
- Beckett: 'Castle, we can always use the photo of you I took in bed last night.' (who wants to see what is on that picture?)
- Castle calls Wes Craven for advice (director of Scream) (sneak peek scene)
- Espo is also scared about the video: "You're not buying into Castle's story are you?"
- Till now not much Caskett. The opposite actually. If you've seen the video and think for real you've only 48 hours more to live, wouldn't you want to spend every minute with Beckett, Castle?
- Castle: "But you're a cop! I'm a cop... helper."
- A lot of horror movies are getting mentioned this episode
- Castle and Beckett are now visiting an asylum
- Creepy guy at the asylum
- Castle is playing WII tennis and broke Beckett's vase
- Beckett: "I might just kill you myself."
- Castle and Becket going to a cabin in the middle of the woods, so the killer can't find them.
- Castle even brought holy water as protection
- But it doesn't help him. The killer found Caskett
- Castle is surprised it is a person
- Castle and Beckett split up to try to stay out the hands of the killer
- The killer is the girl with the glasses
- Apparently the holy water did help, as Castle smashed the girl's head in with it
- Closing scene in Castle's loft
- Numer 1 on Castle's bucket list: Be with Kate
- Beckett: "Ohhh Castle.. The ice is melting." (ice cubes anyone)

End of the ep 
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