The Lives Of Others: Castle Examine Preview "100th episode is the best one yet"

It’s not going to be surprising at all if this coming Monday goes down as the day Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller killed the fandom for a second time. On March 29, ABCreleased a screener for the 100th episode of “Castle”, and there's a pretty good chance that "The Lives of Others” will become the most favorite episode of all-time for many fans. It’s just so good!
"How many murders do you think we’ve solved since we met?”
“I dunno. Maybe a hundred or so?”
Episode 5x19 is classic “Castle” and so much more. There’s a little bit of everything we love about the series, and a lot of Castle and Beckett moments that you’ll love even more. The “Rear Window”-esque murder that Castle witnesses is so much fun to watch him investigate. While he's alone, he basically narrates everything he sees and does. At one point, while Beckett’s off at work, he and Alexis start investigating on their own and the father/daughter duo both sit there munching on popcorn as they check out the sights across the street with two pairs of binoculars. It's adorable. And as for Caskett, if that first sneak peek had you flailing, just wait until you see the rest of the episode. Actually, even the first minute or so that occurs before that sneak peek was squee-worthy. Those two, I swear.
Just a few teases before we get to the Twitter questions:
  • Castle and Beckett are so adorably domestic together. Some scenes will have you going, “So this is what’s been going on off-screen...”
  • One Easter egg is Castle playing with his RC Helicopter again. It's also a scene that becomes the catalyst to his binocular escapades.
  • The folks on Tumblr are going to go crazy with gifs on this episode.
  • The cliffhanger is not at the end of the episode. It’s before a commercial break and it’s crazy!
Now, let's get to the Twitter questions!
“Do you think there's enough Castle and Beckett interaction in this episode?” -@tammygamble
“is there any Castle/Beckett only talks?” - @L_M14
Plenty of them.
“Marlowe talked about a cliffhanger... is it a good or a bad one?=)” - @Joninha18
I don’t want to spoil it too much, but it may be quite unexpected for some.
“Could you please tell us if there are any old flames in this episode of either Castle or Beckett?“ - @77rocket
No old flames.
“Just say "yes or no". All the Caskett fandoms will be happy?” - @fejund
Yes. :)
“milmar cameo significant?” - @itzmeaswin
Nah. But it’s cute. Castle spots them with his binoculars. You guys will get a kick out of it.
“Is the 100th episode better than “Always”? “ - @germanomarcella
They are such vastly different kinds of episodes, there’s really no comparing. But did I love it more than “Always”? Oh yeah. Definitely.
“Can you rate this ep on a scale of 1 to Awesomesauce“ - @elmerspears
In this viewer’s opinion, awesomesauce x 100. This truly is the episode we’ve all been waiting for this season.

Source: Castle Examiner's Kate Jennings
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