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I’m thrilled that I got to watch the 100th episode of Castle a few days early, so I thought I’d share a little of my enthusiasm with you guys.
REALLY don’t want to ruin this episode for anyone, so I’m choosing my words carefully.  There’ll be some teasers and screenshots below for those of you that don’t mind seeing some hints.
Beckett, Ryan, & Espo work on a case at the 12th, while Castle watches a murder unfold while he’s laid up at home. His vivid imagination allows Kate to wonder if he’s crying wolf, so he spends most of the episodelooking for evidence to prove his veracity.
“The Lives of Others” was landmark episode worthy, on-par with episodes like “Always”, and “After the Storm”. Maybe not as serious, but just as well written. There are a few moments of hand-waving, but easily forgiven because of how great the storylines wrap-up.
All of the major players make at least a short appearance. I assumed as much, it would’ve been sad if they’d left out Tamala, Penny, Molly, or Susan.
Overall, I adored this episode. I think a vast majority of fans will as well. Something for everyone.
Watch “The Lives of Others”, Monday April 1st at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central.


  • I want a subscription to the magazine Kate mentions at the crime scene
  • My all-time favorite Castle ‘toy’ is featured
  • Rick plays ‘Rear Window’ and ‘James Bond’ – he makes a dashing hero move
  • Martha plays a bigger part than I expected
  • There are a couple of SUPER cute in-jokes that are perfect for the 100th episode
  • Castle has a typical sick-guy mentality
  • Rick’s not quite as technologically inclined as his real-life counterpart
  • Castle has high aspirations for his daughter
  • Kate sticks her tongue out at Rick… long distance
  • She has a ‘Castle-esque’ epiphany
  • Banksy would catch the same clue Kate does
  • … vengeance is coming
  • highly advise planning a rewatch – there are things that are way easier to catch the second time around!

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