The Lives Of Others: Tamala Jones: "Some Old People Get Dug Up Again From The Past"

Tamala Jones Strikes a Pose at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 10, 2013
It seems like just yesterday that we were introduced to Richard Castle and the lovable crew of the 13th Precinct (SERIOUSLY WETPAINT?! 13TH PRECINCT?!), but the cast of Castle recently celebrated a huge milestone — filming their 100th episode — and everyone got surprisingly emotional on the big day.

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish) and she gave us all the behind-the-scenes scoop, and even teased what viewers can expect from the Hitchcock-centered episode. Read all about it below!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How often do we actually see one hundred episodes of anything?Tamala Jones: You know what? We made it to a hundred episodes because of the fans, period. We really should be celebrating with all of you, throwing a big fan party and invite everybody else from all over the world because it is truly because of you guys that we did it. And we've all talked about this on the day that we did the cake-cutting ceremony for the celebration, that we all wanted to be on a show that went a hundred episodes. And even Molly, Molly got so emotional, and she was crying. I mean, she has to know she grew up on that show, and now, we're here. It was happy. It was tears of joy. It was just spectacular. It was with the people that you love. It's the difference when you go to work and you celebrate a hundred episodes because you guys just work together, but when you work together and you love each other. Ah, man, there's really nothing like it.

So that was the party. It was cake cutting. No rager? I mean, we had some champagne with the cake cutting, but we were working that day. So we just took a little time before lunch and we had speeches. We had toasts. We cut the cake, and that cake was beautiful. It was just great, and then they went to lunch. And it was like lobster and steak. It didn’t end with the cake. We started with dessert first. Then we went over to the steak and lobster. It was just really great.
Castle and Alexis Examine Something on Castle Season 5, Episode 19, “The Lives of Others”

And then you got into lab coats. Yeah, but you know what? We had a great lunch, and then we got to go back to what we've been doing, what brought us here today in the first place. So it was a nice mixture of everything.

What can you tell us about the 100th episode? What's the plotline? Well, I can't really tell you much, but the whispering that I've been hearing is that a great cliffhanger is a neck snap. Like your head is going to snap back like, whoa. I was not expecting that. It is even more mysterious, and some old people get dug up again from the past. So that's where I'm going to stop.

I hear it's also an homage to Mr. Hitchcock? Oh, yeah. As I said, it's more mysterious. Hitchcock, he's the king of the mystery, so just get ready.

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