The Wild Rover: Episode Details (MEGA SPOILERS)

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Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

Here we go...

- The episode begins with one of the sneak peeks

- Beckett: "Are you hungry?"
Castle: "It is not food that I'm craving."
- Castle had a dream where he said 'Jordan' 14 times. Beckett is not amused with this
- Castle says it is nothing
- Beckett: "I'll just wait until your asleep, then I'll ask you."
- Then to another sneak peek, the scene at the bakery
- Castle ate the murder victims cupcake
Esposito: "It's like Jimmy kept a lot of dough around here." 
Castle: "It is a bakery."
- Ryan en Jenny talking about getting pregnant. Ryan: "What if there's something wrong with me?" 
Jenny: "There's nothing wrong Kev, we're just trying to find out what's going on."
- Another sneak peek now. The one where Siobhan recognizes Ryan as her old flam Fenton O'Connell.
- She comes over to him, while he is talking with Jenny and kisses him
- Ryan: "I can explain."
- Jenny to Ryan: "You were undercover." (literally he was)
- As you probably all knew already this episode is mostly focused on Ryan and except for the first minutes there won't be much Caskett in it
- But we likely later will find out who or what Jordan is (Jordan Shaw or a place Castle could gets his skiing accident...?)
- Espo has a hard time too this ep. "I'm his best friend. She is just his wife."
- Siobhan was indeed Ryan's partner in the time he worked undercover with the Irish Staten Island mob. They were romantically involved
- Ryan with Irish accent: "You have to put her on witness protection!"
- Ryan volunteers to go back undercover
- Jenny isn't happy with that. She is crying
- Ryan's head gets shaved a bit. Het gets a new haircut (or an old one)
- Ryan: "I'm Fen O'Connell."
- Ryan: 'I got this."
- Something you probably already know too, but in case you missed it, at the end of the episode it will be known if Jenny and Kevin are pregnant, so stay tuned!
- Ryan's undercover alter ego has an Irish accent
- Ryan is pretty badass as Fenton
- Seamus Dever is doing a great acting job tonight. We hope you guys like it, even though there isn't much Caskett going on
- As promised by the many (many, many, many) interviews Seamus gave the past week, we will see a complete different side of Ryan. He is definitely not the sweater vest guy, as we know him
- Back to Castle and Beckett now
- They are still quibbling over 'Jordan'
- Castle: "Jordan is not a woman, alright?" (a place to ski perhaps...?)
- Ryan gets into trouble
- Jenny and Beckett scene. Jenny: "What's going on? Where's my husband?"
Beckett: "Jenny, maybe we should go get some coffee."
- They are talking about babies and Jenny tells to Kate how she fell in love with Kevin
- The mobsters want Ryan to kill Siobhan to show that he is on their side
- Mobster: "Blow her brains out!"
- Ryan can't shoot her (could have expected that)
- The cavalry comes in
- Ryan: "I can't shoot her, Bobby. However I'm not as disappointed to shoot you."
- Ryan: "My name's not Fenton. My name is Kevin Ryan and I'm a cop."
- Ryan: "Espo where you at?"
Espo: "Right here bro"
Ryan: "Beckett?"
Beckett: "Over here"
Ryan: "Castle?"
Castle: "I didn't know ... I left my vest""
- Caskett scene at Castle's loft Jordan is a car company
- Castle: "What happens if you don't like what you see?" 
Beckett: "What happens if you don't make me look?"
- Caskett is making out! Clearly visible this time! 
- Beckett: "You are right Castle. It made me change the way I look at you.. Makes me like you even more."

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