The Wild Rover Preview: Ryan's Dark Past

Tonights episode of ABC's Castle will focus more on Seamus Dever's character, Detective Kevin Ryan. Ryan will be forced to go back undercover into the world of the Irish mafia. As his undercover character Fenton O'Connell, Ryan will surprise his colleagues at the 12th Precinct a lot with his dark past.

When a man is found murdered in an industrial cake mixer, Castle, Beckett and the rest of the gang investigate his death (Esposito: "It's like Jimmy kept a lot of dough around here." Castle: "It is a bakery"), what leads them to a gorgeous bar owner, Siobhan O'Doul (played by Cara Buono). To the surprise of his colleagues Ryan has a past with Siobhan, from when he was still working undercover at narcotics. A past he never told anyone at the precinct, or even his wife, about before.

In The Wild Rover, written by Terrence Paul Winter, we will be able to see how Ryan was before he became the man we know him to be now, the always reliable sweater vest guy. Dever, who will live tweet during the airing of the episode in both east and west coast timezones, told what the storyline would be about. Ryan was an undercover narcotics cop for about fifteen months with the Irish Staten Island mob. In that period he met a lot of people, also a woman, where he romantically got involved with. He suddenly disappeared out of her life as his undercover assignment was over, as he had taken down half of the mob with the evidence he gathered.
Now a murder investigation leads to Ryan's former undercover girlfriend. She, and the remainders of the Staten Island mob might be involved in the murder. That is when Ryan wants to go back undercover and take the rest of the mobsters down.

Next to the fact that we will get to know more about Ryan's past, we are really curious about how Castle saves himself out of a situation with Beckett. First everything seems fine as Castle admits he is not craving for food, but for Beckett. But as she pulls back if he wants to kiss her, he founds out she heard him say "Jordan" fourteen times in his sleep. Who or what is this Jordan? We think it might possibly be Jordan Shaw, who we met in the first season and still is a fan favorite guest star. Another possibility might be that me means the country Jordan. Perhaps Castle wants to surprise his lady friend with a trip.

Make sure you will stay tuned till the last second, as there might be some baby news at the end of the episode. Tonight we will find out if Jenny (played by Dever's real life wife Juliana Dever) will be pregnant of detective Ryan or not (yet).

We are a bit worried that not everyone might like the episode as much, as it will be more focused on Ryan. There won't be too much Caskett in it, although we think the real fans will appreciate that we will see more about Detective Ryan. And Nathan Fillion expects fans to be pleased with this episode.

Be sure to check out our Castle Cliff Notes, after The Wild Rover has aired and let us know your thoughts about the episode.
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