The Wild Rover: Sneak Peek At The Sneak Peeks

It’s sneak peek day in the “Castle” world, and “The Wild Rover” is shaping up to be one juicy episode. With three sneak peek videos out so far on March 22, both Castle and Ryan will be having some explaining to do with their significant others after what’s seen in these clips.
Our first sneak peek, which you can view here, is the standard crime scene clip. It’s the other two where things get quite interesting!
You now that scene in the promo where Castle says “It’s not food I’m craving”? Well, Beckett puts an end to that advance on her because apparently Castle talks in his sleep. He said a name. A name that was not her name...fourteen times. “Jordan.” Who’s Jordan? The only “Jordan” that comes to mind is Agent Shaw Jordan, but Castle’s not piping up on details. Yet.
The final sneak peek is at the 12th Precinct. Jenny is delivering lunch to Ryan when Siobhan shows up and lays one down on Ryan. Jenny, of course, has some words to say about this woman waltzing up and kissing her husband, which results in Siobhan slapping Ryan. “You’re married?” Add in Castle saying, “Lady, you can’t slap a cop!” and that earns Ryan another slap from the woman before she’s dragged away by uniforms.

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