The Wild Rover: Who Will We See In A Different Light After Mondays Episode?

Yesterday, I shared with you an exclusive sneak peek of Castle’s Rear Window-esque 100th episode, which finds Castle laid up (and very antsy) after a skiing accident leaves him nursing a broken leg. But while Nathan Fillion sang praises for the episode (“The fact that it’s our 100th episode makes it great”), he said fans should also be looking forward to an episode I previously told you about that deals with Det. Ryan’s shady days in narcotics.
“I know the fans are going to be very happy with it,” he says. “ We figure, ‘Oh, we know this guy; we love this guy,’ and then we — as a cast of characters — find out something about him that we don’t know and he has to go back into this world that he was in for this one episode. We really get to see him in a very different light.”
Fillion said the “rewarding” episode was a great chance to shine a light on Det. Ryan. “I love it when — and this happens in life — you figure you know somebody super well and they tell you something like, ‘Oh, I went to prison once.’ ‘WHAT!?!” he jokes. “It may not change your opinion of somebody but you certainly see them in a different light.”

Source: EW
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