Castle Cliff Notes: The Fast and the Furriest

Whether you believe or don’t believe in Bigfoot I think we can all agree that tonight’s episode was exactly the lighthearted entertainment we needed today.  With so many great scenes, moments, and outfits (umm hello...Beckett’s pajamas?!?!) I had a lot of fun with this countdown.  Unfortunately, a lot of fun also equals a lot of hard decisions.  So here we go!

5. Murder Board Suspects

Ok this one is short and sweet but made me laugh!  Castle, after discussing that their only suspect is probably innocent, places the famous Bigfoot picture on the murder board calling him their “number one suspect”.  Not at all impressed, Beckett asks/demands “Castle could you please take that down?”  Castle quickly (and in sorry I even did that manner) responds “you got it.” This earns a smirk from Beckett and from me as well.  It was classic Castle with him being all eager about an idea and Beckett shooting him down. I know it was simple but the banter was great and showed how even the simplest moments can be fantastic when done correctly. Also, who doesn’t like Castle’s imaginative side?

4. The Return of Perlmutter

How about a one liner for the countdown?? Perlmutter comes over to share blood typing information with Castle and Beckett and Castle asks his professional opinion on the giant footprints.  Perlmutter says that he can’t professionally speculate on them but personally he thinks that “anyone who believes in Bigfoot is an ass.”  I don’t think I can express how much I enjoyed this line.  Perlmutter is always one to deliver jabs to Castle but this one was so blunt and hilarious.  Also, Castle trying to justify he beliefs… fantastic! Don’t get me wrong, I love Lanie, but Perlmutter always provides a little fun at Castle’s expense and it can be very entertaining!  It was great to see someone besides Beckett and Esposito giving Castle a hard time.  

3. Don’t Shoot!

Seeing “Bigfoot” at the top of the pit, Castle starts to scream for help and begs Bigfoot not to eat him.  His face while begging… totally priceless!  It was like a little sad puppy!  Anyways back to the scene… Beckett sees what’s going on and yells “Police turn around!”  Concerned Castle yells “Beckett what are you doing - are you crazy? He can’t understand you!”  This causes “Bigfoot” to stumble backwards and he falls into the pit with Castle.  Panicking, Castle yells to Beckett “Shoot it!  Shoot it! What are you waiting for?!?” “Bigfoot” or should I say Dr. Meeks then starts to talk begging for Beckett not to shoot and Castle, somewhat disappointed, says “Don’t shoot him.”  As Castle said, “well this is a huge disappointment.”  Turns out it wasn’t Bigfoot after all, but it was really funny to watch Castle panic when “Bigfoot” fell into the trap with him.  He screamed like a little girl!  Oh Castle, don’t worry… we still love you.  Especially when you wear your cute Bigfoot hunting outfit J  

2.  Wookie Calls
Castle and Beckett go out into the woods to try to find the murder scene.  Still going on his Bigfoot hypothesis, Castle comes decked out in his Bigfoot finding gear (aka bright orange and camouflage outfit).  He starts banging a stick on fallen trees and “vocalizing” which he says is how the real Bigfoot hunters “lure him out.”  Not amused Beckett says “yea well the real police don’t do it so that our human fugitive won’t know that were coming.”  As they continue into the woods, Castle continues with his noises and Beckett begs him to stop his “wookie calls” because she is scared she might end up murdering him and have two crime scenes.  I just love classic Castle and Beckett banter and how adorable did Castle look in his Bigfoot hunting gear?!?!?  Also, if Castle and Beckett wanted to have a future Star Wars movie date and then we could hear Castle’s attempt at a Wookie noise I would definitely be ok with that!

1.  Pillow Talk
Getting into bed (squeeeeee!) Beckett and Castle are discussing the existence of Bigfoot.  Beckett asks Castle if there is anything he doesn’t believe in, and after saying “sure there is…” he can’t seem to think up one example.  As soon as Beckett asked this question my first answer was “heck no” so when Castle said yes I was eager to hear his response.  Turns out I was right though… Castle will believe in anything (and that’s one thing I love about him!).  He quickly turns the conversation to Kate though, asking “what do you believe in?”  She tells him that she believes “in the everyday magic of life.  I mean things that I can see and touch.”  Castle sees her point but continues with “I can appreciate the everyday but why not live in the possible?  The world just doesn’t have as many mysteries anymore.”  He finishes by saying “still people reach for the unknown; it’s what makes us grow.”  Beckett takes Castle’s book and leans over to him saying “well you know there is one inexplicable, mysterious phenomenon that I do believe in still – us.”  Ok, we are definitely getting closer and closer to hearing “I love you” from Beckett since she is basically expressing it in every way possible without actually using the words in sequence.  She finished the cute moment by leaning in for a kiss which gets broken up by Castle’s kitchen trap going off.  Seriously… ugh! I loved their little discussion about life and Kate’s adorable smile when talking about what she finds magic in everyday life. Also, how fantastic did Beckett look in her pajamas?!?!  And that collarbone! *Sigh* Overall, very cute dialogue + Beckett believing in Caskett + kiss = winner!

So were you a Bigfoot believer with Castle or were you on Team Beckett the whole time?  Also, we can’t ignore the intensity that was the promo for next week’s episode “Still.”  OMG!  I have a feeling next week’s countdown is going to be full of tears and emotion so brace yourself Castle fans. Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle…or fangirl (or boy!) about whatever J

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