Castle Cliff Notes: The Lives of Others

Happy 100th episode Castle fans!  While we saw pictures of the cast and crew enjoying a little bubbly and cake it turns out they were also planning a surprise of their own for the fans.  With all the hype surrounding this episode I was a little worried I would be let down but that definitely didn’t happen!  When a show can surprise you even after 100 episodes you know you have found TV gold and picking moments was impossible!  I even joked I was just going to say the whole episode, but that’s not what I’m here to do so let’s do this!

5. Young President
The dynamic duo of Castle and Alexis make a great reappearance in this episode.  After oogling over the sexy neighbor, Alexis piques Castle’s interest in the happenings of the apartment across the way and they both end up watching the man. After seeing him shredding credit cards and other important information Alexis suggests calling Beckett.  Castle quickly says not saying that if he wants to convince Kate he isn’t crazy he is going to have to get proof that the girl was murdered.  He decides the best way to do this is to go over to the apartment himself at get the contents of the shredder.  Alexis tries to be the voice of reason as usual but Castle isn’t listening and when Alexis suggests she go instead (since she isn’t on crutches) Castle tells her she can’t because it will put a B&E on her record and then she will never become President!  I love proud daddy Castle so this moment was hilarious and sweet at the same time.  Even when he is frantically trying to solve a murder he still looks out for his baby girl. Awwww   

4. Honey I’m Home?
            Only Castle can entertain me so much with a brief phone call.  Bored at home, Castle calls Beckett while she is at the precinct talking with Ryan and Esposito.  Asking a question he should know the answer to, Castle asks where Kate is and she says “I’m at work why?”  In a very whiny voice he says “you said you were bringing home dinner” and Beckett, responding like she is talking to a child, says “yes, on my way home.”  Clearly impatient Castle asks “so when are you leaving?” When Beckett tells him soon he pushes her asking “when’s soon?”  When she tells him that she will leave in 30 minutes he grumbles “fine!”  Beckett receives a glance from Espo and just says “shut up…” Oh Castle, you just can’t stand being stuck in the loft can you?  And really, why are guys just so whiny when they are sick?  And don’t use Esposito’s awful explanation on me.  Don’t worry Beckett will be home soon and all of your boredom will disappear!

3. The After Party
At the very end of the episode, Kate makes good on her promise of celebrating again later.  Castle asks Beckett how many murders she thinks they have solved together and she says “I don’t know maybe 100 or so?”  Raising his wine glass Castle toasts to 100 more.  Now that’s something to toast to!  Let’s all raise our glasses and join in.  Castle continues praising Beckett’s made up murder saying “Nobody’s ever done that for me before. That was epic.” In true Castle fashion he says he has to get her back now and Beckett challenges him asking if he thinks he can do better than what she did.  Looks like we will have to wait thought, because Beckett hops aboard her chariot and Castle wheels her to the bedroom.  Have fun you two and don’t get too kinky with that wheelchair!

2.  Ski trips, Spa trips, and Guilt trips
Let me preface this moment by saying that I loved it for three reasons that I will explain as we go!  Seeing Castle in a wheelchair and a knee immobilizer for the first time, Beckett explains how the injury happened.  She suggests that maybe “next time we go skiing” he won’t be such a show off.  Castle tries to defend himself saying “I wasn’t showing off! Ok I was showing off a little bit but I swear to you I can do a tail grab with my eyes closed and without breaking my kneecap.”  Ok so reason number 1 I love this scene: They went on a ski trip together!! And Beckett suggested a next time! *dies* ok lets keep going…Martha comes down the stairs to say goodbye to Castle and he tries to make her feel bad for leaving him on his birthday.  Martha justifies it saying that “you and Katherine were supposed to be celebrating in Bora Bora this week.” Stop right there.. that’s right reason number 2.  They were supposed to go to Bora Bora?!?! UGH!  Can we please get this later once Castle is all better?  Martha delivers a great line and says “it is a spa trip darling not a guilt trip.”  Boom reason number 3.  I love snarky Martha.  So much greatness here!

1.  Surprise!
Getting ready to celebrate Castle’s birthday, Kate walks out in a stunning black dress.  Castle apologizes for getting her into trouble with Gates and Beckett says “you know what Castle? It’s ok. Your overactive imagination has actually brought a lot of people to justice - in fact it’s one of the things I love about you.” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  *rewinds Castle* Did Kate Beckett just drop the L word?  Ok, so she didn’t saying “I love you” but she did say it was one of the things she loved about Castle, and all three words were there!  Now we just have to wait for the three words to be used in a row.  Moving on… Castle stunned by her dress says “wow.. and wow… happy birthday to me.  If that’s my present I can’t wait to unwrap it.”  Suggestively Beckett says that after dinner they can “come back a celebrate some more.” Beckett asks Castle if he wants a drink from the fridge and Castle puts together that the missing girl Emily is in the fridge because the man got a drink from the cabinet. Saying he won’t leave until he sees in the fridge, Beckett gets angry and says “Castle I made plans for you, I dressed up for you, and I’m not going to let you ruin this night.” She says she is going over there, which makes Castle worry because it could be too dangerous but Beckett says “not as dangerous as me if you blow up my plans.”  And don’t worry… that guy will definitely let Kate in based on her current ensemble! Once over there, Castle is left to watch helplessly as Kate tries to make her way to the fridge but gets caught by the man and he holds a knife to her just as the lights go out.  <Insert commercial break> Ok we’re back!  Castle calls the cops and makes his way over to the apartment where Ryan and Espo break down the door, the lights come on, and Castle is greeted with all of his friends saying “surprise!”  And what a surprise it was!  Even the three people involved in the apartment cheating scandal were there to surprise him.  Castle appears upset that Kate let him think she was going to die and Kate tries to justify it saying that he was so bored at home and she wanted to entertain him so she rented the empty apartment. Ending the worrying, Castle says “this is without a doubt the greatest birthday gift of my life!”  I really enjoyed it when Castle asked if Gates was also in on the gift (which we find out she was) and he then asks “where is captain gates?”  After its revealed she couldn’t make it, Castle quickly said “good” which made me laugh and him and Beckett end up sharing a well lighted kiss (in front of everyone!).  It was the most intense and awesome total of about 5 minutes during the episode and I was shocked with the twist.  Such an amazing birthday present and I can’t wait to see how they will try to top this in the future!

So what’s the verdict? Was the 100th episode everything you hoped for and more?  Or were you left disappointed? Also, who predicted the ending before it was revealed? Do you wish you were one of Castle’s angels?? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle…or anything else!

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