Castle Cliff Notes: The Squab and the Quail

With the schedule change, many Castle fans were concerned about seeing this episode before “Still” but overall I don’t think it was that big of a deal and it was definitely the respectful move to make (#BostonStrong).  That being said, I was super excited to see jealous Castle and jealous Castle does not disappoint!  I know many Castle viewers think this little bump in the road is potentially harmful for the Caskett relationship, but hear me out on this one.  Remember “Cloudy with a Chance of Murder”?  Beckett questioned their relationship then and once her and Castle talked about it they were stronger as a couple and her doubts were cast aside.  So don’t be alarmed that Beckett is questioning where their relationship is going because that is common in many relationships especially after the so called “honeymoon” phase is over.  Let’s have some faith in Caskett and know they will talk it out (eventually after a little drama) and come out stronger and on the same page as far as relationship expectations go because we know they are meant to be together!  Ok pep talk over - let’s check out this week’s top moments (and you might think I’m crazy for not including the last scene…)!

Honorable mention this week goes to Martha and her well timed line of “oh no Eric Vaughn’s way sexier than Clooney”  Way to make Castle feel better Martha (…or not) and the fandom thanks you for the ring/commitment comment! Oops!

5. LSL
Seeing Eric Vaughn, Castle starts talking about how he is #8 on his “LSL” or Last Supper List.  He then goes on to list his top 12 in order which include “Lincoln, Einstein, Ian Flemming, John Lennon, Joan of Arc, Sinatra….” He then notices Beckett staring at him and says “and you of course” but as Beckett said “too late Castle.”  She was already feeling like you are taking her for granted and you forget her as your number 1 on your LSL?!?! Oh man Castle not a good way to start a case!  Beckett also feels the effects of Eric though and is caught checking him out by Castle who comments that Vaughn is on her list as well.  Bad time to pick on Beckett!  She gets him back saying “the things you notice when you’re paying attention Castle.” Man, tally another win for Beckett in the exchange of words battle.

4. Life Saving Kiss Rejection
After a sniper attempted to take out Eric Vaughn, Ryan tells Kate he needs to take her statement.  He asks her where she was standing and then where Vaughn was but Castle notices their positions don’t make sense due to the bullet trajectory (and they are a little too close).  Beckett tries to say Vaughn stumbled, but according to Castle only “kids and old people” stumble and no way was Vaughn lucky enough to escape death twice.  Castle asks “what’s going on here Kate?”  Without hesitation Beckett says “he kissed me ok Castle” which leads Castle to say “he what?”  Feeling awkward and out of place Ryan says “I think I have all I need here” and quickly leaves the area.  Beckett tells Castle that they were talking about him and relationships but that the kiss didn’t mean anything to her.  Castle then asks “well if he kissed you why wouldn’t you just push him away.”  Beckett gives him the “think about it” look and Castle realizes that that’s exactly what happened.  See all the panic over the previews was unnecessary!  Kate would never cheat on Castle and of course she did the right thing by pushing Vaughn away.  Obviously she was slightly curious as she let the kiss begin to occur but in the end she realized it was wrong to do.  If even the great Eric Vaughn can’t lure Beckett away from Castle then we should know their relationship is solid… right?

3. Jealous Castle
After talking to Eric Vaughn in private, Castle hands Beckett a hot drink with a little cute foam heart on top.  She asks “what is this” excitedly and Castle says “oh that’s just me not taking you for granted.”  He then casually asks what she and Eric were talking about and Beckett realizes Castle’s motive (between the coffee heart and the casual questioning) and asks “is this you being jealous??”  Castle tries to brush it off, but admits he is jealous because “the guy won the MacArthur Genius Award – and you know who they give those to?  Geniuses.” Well that was a brilliant statement Castle but at the same time so Castle-y and expected J It was so refreshing to see Castle get jealous instead of the other way around (*cough* Beckett with all of Castle’s exes *cough*) but he ruins the sweet moment by basically agreeing that since Eric could have any woman he wants he wouldn’t be interested in Beckett.  I don’t know, Castle… it seems like you could have any woman you want but you chose Kate so I would watch your back!

2.  Womanizing, Rich Guys!
Wanting to solve the case as quickly as possible (since Beckett has to protect Vaughn), Castle gets to work with Espo and Ryan.  Upon finding out that Beckett is protecting Vaughn Espo says “oh hell yea you should be worried.  His hit list includes half of Maxim’s Hot 100.”  He also points out that unlike Castle; Vaughn’s helicopter doesn’t need a remote control.  Ryan tells Castle not to listen to Espo since Beckett is loyal to him and won’t be seduced by Vaughn’s charm.  Not convinced Espo asks if Ryan would let Jenny around him and he says “hell no.  I wouldn’t let Jenny near that guy.”  Dejected Castle says “thanks…” and tries to say he isn’t worried.  He says he “can’t believe that the department is forcing her to hang out with some womanizing rich guy against her will.”  Ummm hello, Castle?  Remember 5 years ago???  Espo and Ryan do though, with their comments of “unbelievable” and “yea she’s never done that.”  Hey if Beckett didn’t do things against her will we would never have Caskett!

1.  Defeated by Video Games
While Castle is having fun playing video games, Beckett decides she also wants to have a little fun of a different fashion.  She slides into view wearing one of Castle’s dress shirts and her bra saying “I’ve got something special for you too…” in a very sexy, sultry voice. Castle glances over and says “well that’s not looking too good” which earns him a quick “what?!?” from Beckett (and me as well!).  Turns out Castle is playing online with a kid from India (who was the recipient of his not looking too good comment) and he believes that tonight is the night that he will beat this kid because tonight he is “bringing it and it stings doesn’t it!”  Kate says “yea it kinda does” then asks Castle if he would rather play with a kid in an imaginary world or with her (doing a sexy little striptease) in the real world.  Clearly conflicted, Castle can’t answer and Beckett can’t believe he actually has to think about it which ruins the mood.  Sorry Castle, but saying you lost on purpose for her doesn’t cut it and as Beckett said “at least Gretzky knew how to score.” ZING!  No one can resist sexy Beckett voice and her little striptease routine so yea… number 1 by default!

So how many people sense a little tension for Caskett in the future of season 5?  Also, did anyone have any problems with the continuity of the episodes?  Would you choose Vaughn or Castle?  Ok stupid question…  Next week we get to enjoy “Still” and I can’t wait to see some flashback moments! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle…or fangirl about whatever 

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