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We had to wait another week, but “Still” was well worth it.  Whether you were watching it for the first time (me!) or for the 50th time it was fantastic and full of amazing moments!  Some people would argue that it was a “clip show” but have you ever seen such an amazing “clip show?”  Didn’t think so! And trying to pick just 5 moments?  Impossibly hard! I wish I could just put #1: Still.  I tried to give a good mix between dialogue and flashbacks but there were so many moments I wanted to include but ran out of spaces! UGH! So grab your “bomb buddy,” pick out your favorite Kate Beckett hairstyle, and lets countdown the best moments because if I have to choose just 5 “I’m glad I’m stuck” with you guys!

5. Playing Cop
Let’s start with a fun moment, shall we? Beckett finally asks Castle why he was following her around so much if it wasn’t because he was into her.  She also immediately shoots down his probable answer of “research” because no one at the precinct believed that for a second.  Castle admits that it was because he was having so much fun “playing cop!”  And cut to one of my favorite Castle scenes… “Pa na na naaa na na na na pa na na naaa na na!”  I loved re-watching all of Castle’s “want to be cop” moments and I couldn’t help laughing through them.  While I still don’t believe him 100%, I mean come on… you were totally into Beckett, I definitely think this contributed to him staying.  I mean, he’s just a big kid at heart!

4. Misreading the Situation
            After admitting that her friends may have said things about her liking Castle, Beckett says that they were “completely misreading the situation.”  Castle doesn’t believe it for a second saying “much like I must have been misreading the situation all those times you dressed up in revealing outfits to try and turn my head.” And cue Billy Squier’s “The Stroke” (which was absolutely perfect) and a montage of Beckett in sexy, revealing outfits!!  I don’t know about you guys, but I re-watched that scene a few times.  Beckett tries to brush it off saying it was for undercover purposes but Castle can’t help but notice that he was around every time.  Beckett puts it back on him saying he was always there because he was following her around meaning he was into her.  Boom.  How about that logic to ruin your story Castle? SEXIEST.MONTAGE.EVER!

3. Breakfast in Bed
Moments that involved Caskett in the morning are rare, but never fail to disappoint.  The episode opens with Castle bringing Beckett coffee and he watches her sleep for a moment.  She gives him a big smile and a “hey” and he asks about the case that kept her out late that night.  She tells him she has to get going to check traffic camera footage but Castle has a different, more fandom approved plan.  He tells her to have Esposito check out the footage because “he’s very good at it - I feel like I haven’t seen you in days.”  This earns a big smile from Beckett as she straddles Castle sitting on his lap.  “You know I really do have to get going but…” Castle interrupts her saying “but you’re paralyzed versus me – you always have been.”  Beckett isn’t too convinced with that statement and says “really?  Do you remember when we first met?  I kind of thought you were an ass.”  Ouch, Castle!  It’s ok thought because if he wasn’t a persistent “ass” we might not have Caskett today!  Castle tries to convince her she fell for him the first moment she saw him, but Beckett isn’t budging and has to leave to head into the precinct.  Castle picks up the lattés and says to the empty room “Did you see the hearts? It took me like 6 minutes…”  Overall, a nice set up for the rest of the episode and I can’t deny a glimpse into Caskett mornings!  Also, I’m still jealous of how great Beckett looks in the morning… ugh.  People would run away with the breakfast if it was me!  J

2.  Billy
After finding out the son’s name, Castle puts “Billy” in as the code which disarms the bomb.  Beckett immediately steps off the bomb and right into the loving arms of Castle.  Leaving the building she thanks him for staying with her (which gets us an always response) and they go in for a kiss but it’s interrupted by Gates, Espo, and Ryan pulling up in a car. Beckett nervously asks Espo if Gates saw their almost kiss but he quickly denies it. After Gates commends Castle for staying with Beckett, Beckett admits she doesn’t know many people who would have done that.  You can tell she instantly regrets this as she shyly tucks a strand of stray hair behind her ear and hope Gates doesn’t pick up on the romantic undertone.  Turns out it doesn’t matter though because Gates knew about their relationship all along!  “Oh for heaven’s sake detective just kiss the man!”  Beckett is shocked that Gates knew but as Gates told her she isn’t an idiot!  She needs to maintain plausible deniability so they can continue to work together and she says she will continue to do that as long as they act professionally at the precinct.  In typical Castle fashion, he agrees that he can but says that Beckett has a “long history of coming onto him at work.”  Gates tells Beckett that Castle deserves his kiss and right before they do she says she was reminded of all the times they kissed in the past and was trying to pick the best one.  Cue Another epic montage of so many great kisses! Castle asks what she thinks and she says “I think we’re just getting started” before sharing a well deserved kiss (in daylight!).  It was great to finally confirm that Gates knows about Caskett and it appears she is a shipper too!  Also, that kiss montage?  Perfection! I also love Beckett’s “we’re just getting started” attitude about their relationship and hope that this means there will be progression in the remaining episodes this season. This episode had Caskett overload and it will not be deleted from my DVR anytime soon!

1.  I Love You
No surprise here guys! Realizing there are only 10 minutes left, Castle is required to leave the building.  Beckett asks for a minute alone with him and she says “it’s time to say goodbye.”  Castle says “I’m not leaving” but Beckett reminds him that he promised to help her with something when the time came and “this is it.”  Castle says he wishes he could kiss her and do “so many things” but Beckett tells him there are “no regrets.”  She continues saying “all and all I think we’ve had a great run.  You should go.”  As a teary eyed Castle turns to leave, she says “Rick – I love you.”  Castle responds with “I love you too” and leaves a crying Beckett standing all alone in the apartment.  First off, she finally said it!!!!  I LOVE YOU!  Those three wonderful words in the right order, and at a perfect (or not so perfect depending on the outcome of the episode) time.  Secondly, the amount of crying I did during this scene was shameful but I just can’t stand to see Castle and Beckett so upset.  And the Robert Duncan score?  Perfect! Such an amazingly perfect moment and really words cannot describe how fantastic Nathan and Stana were during this moment.  I was on the edge of my seat, crying, and so excited all at the same time.  This definitely calls for a standing ovation.

So much Caskett love!  Were you in love with this episode as much as I was or did it fall flat for you?  Have any tissues left after all the tears?? Also, what’s with this new job offer?  Is there tension on the horizon?!? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle…or fangirl about whatever J

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