Interview: Andrew Marlowe Teases The Remaining Episodes

After a week off, CASTLE is back this Monday with a brand new episode! And since we’re about to enter into the final five episodes of the season, I asked CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe what he could tease about the last few hours of season 5…
The upcoming cases:
Castle and Beckett have come across all sorts of unfathomable things in their four-plus years together, but Monday’s episode, “The Fast and the Furriest,” could put them in the path of their craziest foe yet.
“We have a really fun episode where in a traditional CASTLE way it looks like Bigfoot might be our killer,” Marlowe previewed about the hour. “So that’s our chance to take a look at the genre and the supernatural stuff out there in a fun, yet credible way.”
The following week (April 22nd) is the newly ordered bonus hour, “Still,” which Marlowe has deemed an “an emotionally charged episode” where Beckett accidentally triggers a pressure-sensitive bomb while investigating a case. So it’s a bit understandable that the April 29th episode, “The Squab and the Quail,”is a little bit lighter in tone.

“Beckett is roped into protecting a Steve Jobs/Elon Musk-type character [played by RINGER's Ioan Gruffudd], who is wealthy, innovation, and handsome,” Marlowe teased. “He’s sort of the uber Castle. And of course, this sets Castle off and makes him insanely jealous. It’s really fun to watch how Castle responds to this now that they’re a couple. It would be as if Beckett had to protect George Clooney, in terms of Castle’s reaction.”
But it won’t be all fun and games as the season winds down: one of the final hours of the season will deal with the topic of drones.
“We’re jumping into the cultural conversation about drones and the deployment of drones on U.S. soil,” Marlowe shared. “It’s CASTLE, so we’re going to take our own unique perspective.”
And while Esposito has an established military background, Marlowe said the hour wouldn’t necessarily be used to shed more light on Espo’s history, but “he’ll certainly have a point of view” about the case.
The supporting characters:
After getting several episodes devoted to exploring the backstories of Esposito and Ryan over the years, the only character that has been around since day one who is still a pretty big question mark is Lanie. And while fans may be intrigued about her history, there’s no timetable yet for when the show will dive deeper into that particular story.
“Maybe,” Marlowe replied, when I asked if we could see a Lanie-centric episode next year. “It’s been complicated to work out, to find the right way to expose her backstory.”
In the meantime, Lanie will be kept busy with her on-again relationship with Esposito.
“They’re downplaying it,” Marlowe explained. “I think neither one of them wants to expose too much because they hit some rocks afterwards, so they’re trying to figure out their level of investment.”
Speaking of romance, Gates has seemingly missed a whole bunch of clues indicating that Castle and Beckett’s relationship has evolved from partners to romantic over the season, and Marlowe teased that what Gates does — or doesn’t — know about Castle and Beckett’s relationship will be revealed soon: “It’s something we’re going to confront before the end of the season.”
The Castle family:
Alexis has been heavily involved in quite a few episodes in 2013 — her mother’s return, the kidnapping, the 100th episode surprise birthday party — and the last arc will feature a bit of Castle’s daughter in a more grounded setting.
“We’ll see a little more of her by the end of the year,” Marlowe said. “It’s her stuff at the loft and tied in with her dad and the relationship with Beckett.”
And, of course, viewers did just meet Castle’s father for the first time. But given that his father is played by James Brolin, I asked Marlowe if there was any concern that having such a huge name guest star would impact the show’s ability to get him to return for follow up episodes.
“I hope not,” Marlowe said. “Castle’s father has such a strong mythology in the show, that I think if you start seeing him too often, it diminishes who he is. So being a little bit mysterious is good for us. But I’d love to bring him back under the right circumstances.”
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