The Fast And The Furriest: Episode Details (MEGA SPOILERS)

After a one week hiatus Castle is back tonight. For the ones who can't wait what will happen tonight, we are here for you to bring you episode details, while the episode is airing in Canada already. don't ask me for a link, there aren't any)

This post was live updated during The Fast And The Furriest.

Don't read further, if you don't want to know what will happen on Castle!

We will bring some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section will contain spoilers:

Here we go...

- Food has been going missing lately at Castle's house

- Castle might have been sleep eating (but I think it is Alexis)
- Castle asks Beckett about the missing food. Beckett: "Seriously Castle? I haven't been to your place since, Tuesday."
- At the crime scene (sneak peek 1)
- Castle agrees with Perlmutter for once!
- So that means no Lanie, for who didn't know that yet
- They are at a place with monkeys now
- Beckett called Castle ruggedly handsome
- A monkey made a movement with his hand that he wanted to cut someone's throat
- Badass Beckett is back
- She is interrogating
- Sneak peek scene 4 now. Castle: "She was killed by a Bigfoot."
- Castle is very enthusiast about the idea that the killer might be Bigfoot
- As expected Beckett is very sceptic
- And they are now kibbling over it like a married couple
- Ryan is choosing the side of Castle again
- And Espo takes Beckett's side
- Beckett says unicorns (would Stana know about the unicorn thing?)
- Perlmutter is his fun grumpy self again
- First part has passed and most of it we know from the sneak peeks already
- Ryan just believes about anything Castle comes up with
- Sorry if my updates aren't as detailed/good as they are use to. A bit distracted by what happened in Boston
- Castle and Beckett found a guy named Diggins
- He has an Australian accent
- And seems to be a bit crazy
- Castle has put up a picture of Bigfoot on the murder board
- Beckett orders him to take it down
- Caskett are in bed together!
- Castle is reading a book and Beckett takes it away and kisses him!
- They got interrupted
- Alexis is the one who is taking the food (as expected)
- Alexis looks like a Smurf...
- Beckett was in bed in shorts and a loose pink shirt and some skin was showing
- Why would Alexis stealing the food, I wonder...
- Caskett is going to the forest
- Beckett: "You up for a hike?"
Castle: "I'me well equipped for a hike."
- Castle is making a sound to lure Bigfoot
- Kate: "Castle, Castle, please. No more wooky stuff."
- Beckett: "I'm scared I might kill you and we'll have two murders."
- And Caskett fell in the Bigfoot trap
- Beckett: "You think Bigfoot came out here with a shovel?"
- And then they hear a growling noise
- Beckett is climbing on Castle's shoulders to try and get out
- Kate: "Oh geez, Castle! Will you stand still?! Holy-"
- Beckett got out
- Castle: "Promise me you'll come back" 
Beckett grabs into her bra to get chocolate and tosses it to Castle: "In case I don't come back." (who is keeping chocolate there?)
- Bigfoot is coming to get Castle
- He is scared
- Castle to Bigfoot: "Please don't eat me!"
- Bigfoot is a costume
- Dr. Meeks (Raphael Sbarge) is in it
- Kate: "Or maybe she just found an idiot dressed up as Bigfoot, who then killed her."
- Meeks isn't the killer tho
- The Professor is the killer
- Castle is having a talk with Alexis
- Alexis stole the food because she was out of money
- She gave it to some  guy to help with a clean air project

End of the ep

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