The Fast And The Furriest Preview: Do You Believe In Bigfoot?

There are many people who believe in Bigfoot. Some even claim to have seen them. Some even say they have evidence, in the form of blurry pictures or otherwise. But definite proof of the existence of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch or Yeti, as the creature is known too, doesn't exists.

Tonight on ABC's Castle we will find out, that Richard Castle is very open to the idea Bigfoot is real. He and Beckett will investigate the case of the murdered Anne. The native-American victim claims she saw Bigfoot when she was a little girl. And now it seems like she met Bigfoot again in the streets of New York, where he killed her. Or wasn't it Bigfoot who killer her after all...

The Fast And The Furriest seems to be a classic comedic Castle episode in the style of Demons. Castle seems to be open to the idea that Bigfoot is real, but Beckett is skeptic like always. These opposite meanings will make Caskett kibble a lot. Will Beckett start doubting herself if there seems to be more and more evidence that Castle's theory might be right? Or will another one of Castle's crazy theories be proven wrong, as the killer turn out to be just a human?

Tonight's episode is directed by Jonathan Frakes, who previously directed this seasons Nebula 9 episode The Final Frontier. Christine Roum gets the writing credits.

Lanie fans will not be too happy to learn that Arye Gross, the always grumpy Perlmutter will return tonight as ME. Raphael Sbarge, known from Once Upon A Time and 24, will play cryptozoologist Dr. Darrell Meeks. Further will Palmer Davis star as Garland Meeks, Albie Selznick as Dr. Paul Devlin, and Aaron Hill ad Kurt Wilson.

Don't forget to tune in tonight at 10 PM on ABC to find out if Bigfoot does exists or not. And tweet live with many other Castle fans about the episode with #Casquatch.

If you want to be spoiled, make sure you will check out our website to follow a live updating post under the Castle broadcast of The Fast And The Furriest in Canada at 7 PM (EST).

And after the episode has aired we will bring you Castle Cliff Notes, be sure to check them out too.

Do you believe in Bigfoot?
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