The Fast And The Furriest: Sneak Peek At The Sneak Peeks

Sneak peeks are out on April 11 for the next episode of “Castle”. "The Fast and the Furriest" will find the team investigating a murder in which the suspect might actually be the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot. There’s two sneaks up at present but there will probably be at least four by the time Monday comes around, judging by how they’re numbered.

In our first sneak peek, Castle and Beckett arrive to the crime scene and get briefed by Esposito. Espo says that the victim was dumped out of a car at 4 a.m. out in front of a hospital emergency room, and nurses who spotted it happen took her inside to try and save her life. The trauma team was unsuccessful. Castle wonders why the guy would take her to the ER if he’s the killer. Beckett says that he probably had a guilty conscience. The scene ends with them heading to meet the body and Espo says he heard she was pretty messed up.

In the second sneak, Castle and Beckett are visiting Dr. Meeks (Raphael Sbarge), and as Beckett asks the doctor some questions about their victim, Castle gets excited at every mention of Bigfoot’s possible existence, even pointing his finger at Beckett as if to say “I told you so!” He then browses stuff around the guy’s house and starts fooling around with an “extremely rare Yeti finger” he finds, which results in the doctor taking it away from him and presumably going to hide it somewhere Castle can’t touch it. Castle’s antics, naturally, have Beckett trying to suppress her smiles the entire time.

Source: Castle Examiner
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