The Lives Of Others: Episode Details (MEGA SPOILERS)

Today we celebrate the 100th episode of Castle!!!! For the ones who can't wait what will happen tonight, we are here for you to bring you episode details, while the episode is airing in Canada already. (don't ask me for a link, there aren't any)

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Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

Here we go...

- Castle had a skiing accident

- Beckett is scratching his itchy foot for him, as his leg is broken
- Beckett hugged Castle
- It is Castle's birthday
- He isn't happy that he has to stay home and can't work on a case
- And Martha is leaving him to to go to a spa
- Espo and Ryan arrived at Castle's apartment
- Beckett: "Why are men such babies when they get sick or injured?"
- Beckett had to leave Castle. She is now at the crime scene with Lanie
- The victim worked for IRS
- Her name is Clara
- Castle was bored in his apartment, so he went playing with his helicopter
- But he crashes it
- It is broken now
- Clara did like her job as IRS agent very much
- Castle grabbed his binoculars and is spying on people from out of his apartment
- Cameo from the big man Andrew Marlowe himself and his muse, co-writer and wife Terri Miller 
- Castle says when he sees MilMar: "Must be writers."
- Sneak peek scene where Castle sees a neighbor grabbing a knife
- He thinks a girl got murdered
- Castle called Beckett to whine: "When are you coming home? You said you were bringing dinner?"
- Castle to Beckett about what he thinks he saw: "I'm not crazy."
- Beckett kissed Castle on the head
- Beckett: "Alright, I'm gonna make us some dinner and get you to bed."
- Beckett and Castle are together in bed
- They are spooning
- Everyone is making fun of Castle (and that on the poor guys birthday)
- Beckett and Castle are pretty domestic this episode 
- And they are touching each other a lot
- Castle calls Beckett the next morning at the precinct
- He wants her to get a warrant to go look at his neighbors place
- (the case with the IRS agent is just a backstory this episode)
- Beckett: "Look, I know you're lonely, and that you miss me, and I miss you too."
- Castle is very whiny and not too nice to Beckett sometimes (he tells her not to come back, as she doesn't want to investigate further)
- As Beckett doesn't want to investigate his case further, he will do it himself
- Castle is try to video tap
- (could it be Beckett's birthday gift to Castle that she bought him an murder investigation experience, so he wouldn't feel too lonely and left out?)
- Alexis is helping her father with his investigation
- Alexis is spying on the neighbors too
- She is looking a bit too long at a guy with abs
- Castle and Alexis are eating popcorn, while spying some more
- Castle is breaking in to his neighbors house now
- Alexis is on the look-out
- (reminds me a bit of Veronica Mars with a father-daughter detective duo)
- Castle find bloodstains in the closet
- The guy is coming back to his apartment, can Castle get out on time?
- Castle fell
- And the guy is back in his apartment
- (is this the cliffhanger??)
- Castle has hidden himself under the bed
- He tries to escape as he sees a good moment
- Castle is trying to crutch out of the aprtment
- He made it out
- He is back in his own apartment
- Beckett arrived
- She hears what happened: "You did what?" And then to Alexis "And you helped him?"
- Now Beckett is spying on the neighbors too
- Beckett now things Castle might be righ
- Castle: "So I'm not a drug addled crazy."
- Castle thinks he knows where the body is. He wants to show Beckett
- They go to a storage locker where Castle think he hid the body
- Beckett: "Fine Castle, but I was never here." 
Castle: "Just unroll it." (a rug) 
- The body isn't a body but it is a wig (it is in a back, not the rug)
- Castle and Beckett get caught
- Gates isn't really happy with it. To Beckett: "Illegal search?! Breaking and Entering?! You're lucky I don't have a badge!"
- Gates to Castle: "And Mr. Castle, if you bother your neighbor again, he will press charges. And I will be happy to take you into custody. Personally."
- Castle apologizes to Beckett
- She says: "Later. For now let's forget what happened. Let's go to dinner, celebrate your birthday and life and later we can celebrate some more."
- Now Castle still thinks there is a dead body.
- Beckett is pissed at him: "Castle! I made plans for you. I dressed up for you. THERE'S NOT A BODY IN THERE!!!"
- Beckett offers to go to the neighbor now
- Castle thinks she won't get in
- Beckett: "Look at me, he is gonna let me in." (she is looking hot)
- Castle: "It is too dangerous!"
Beckett: "Not as dangerous as me if you mess up my plans!"
- The guy attacked Beckett with a knife! (this is the cliffhanger)
- Castle is worried about Beckett: "Where is she?"
- Castle: "This is.. Without a doubt.. THE BEST BIRTHDAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!"
- Beckett was ll worried about his reaction, but he loved it
- Caskett kiss
- Castle to Beckett: "You really blew my mind."
- Another Caskett kiss
- Beckett wishes him a happy birthday
- Castle: "You know, what you did for me, nobody has ever done that for me be. That was epic."
- Beckett is sitting in Castle's lap

- Castle: "How many murders do you think we have solved since we met?" 
Beckett: "I think, hum.. Maybe A 100 or so?" 
Castle: "A 100? Here for 100 more."

- Castle wheels them both to the bedroom (he is sitting is his wheelchair with him on his lap)

End of the ep
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