The Lives Of Others: Recap 2

Tonight’s Castle, “The Lives of Others,’  marked the one hundredth episode of the show. Rick is injured and stuck at home leading him to spy on his neighbors.
Rick is laid up with a broken leg and nothing to do only days before his birthday. While Beckett, Esposito and Ryan are all out working a case Rick is at home playing with  remote helicopters. Alexis jokingly buys him a pair of binoculars which lead to Rick seeing a girl cheat on her boyfriend and what he believes is the girl’s murder. Rick calls Beckett but everything seems to be ok at the apartment.

Rick doesn’t believe that the guy is telling the truth and continues to spy on him. He and Alexis share some quality bonding time over watching the guy across the way as his behavior gets increasingly suspicious. Rick decides that the only way to convince the others Ththat the guy is a murderer is to get proof. With Alexis keeping a watch from the apartment Rick breaks into his neighbor’s apartment to get proof he killed his girlfriend. Of course, the suspect returns while Rick is in the room and he has to hide under the bed.
Once Rick has some evidence he calls Beckett who is surprised that Alexis is involved in her father’s schemes. Beckett is having trouble denying that something seems off about the girl’s disappearance so she and Rick go and check out the storage unit.
Best line of the night: “When you do it it is an illegal search when I do it it is just illegal.”
Rick gives up after the storage unit turns up nothing except he and Beckett getting into trouble with the captain. As Beckett and Rick get ready to head out for his birthday Rick realizes the body must be in the refrigerator. Beckett agrees to go check out the fridge and while in the apartment appears to get into a fight with the guy and the lights go out. Rick is freaked out and calls Esposito and Ryan. Once they break into the apartment Rick discovers that this was all a set up for his birthday and everyone is there for a surprise party.
While Beckett, Esposito and Ryan did have a case it took back seat to the case that Rick was working on.

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