The Squab And The Quail: Episode Details (MEGA SPOILERS)

Castle is back tonight. For the fans who can't wait what will happen tonight, we are here for you to bring you episode details, while the episode is airing in Canada already. don't ask me for a link, there aren't any)

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Don't read further, if you don't want to know what will happen on Castle!

We will bring some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section will contain spoilers:

Here we go...

- The episode starts with a sneak peek

- Castle is playing a video game
- Beckett tries to seduces him
- Beckett in super sexy voice: "AND I GOT SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU TOO."
- Castle is not acting like a straight sexual male as he is doubting to go for sexy Beckett or play a computer game
- Beckett doesn't like this very much
- Castle and Beckett are on the crime scene 
- The victim is poisoned according to Lanie
- Castle insults Beckett again by not including her on the list of people who he wants his last supper with
- Erik Vaughn is at the crime scene too, he's a rich and charming guy
- Beckett: "Things you notice when you pay attention, Castle."
- Beckett is checking out Vaughn
- Castle seems to be jealous already
- So most part before the first commercials are sneak peek 1 and sneak peek 4
- Vaughn is already showing some interest in Beckett (but who wouldn't, if you'd meet her?)
- Beckett: "Is this you being jealous?"
Castle: "Jealous?? Yes!"
- Beckett: "But he's not you. Besides the guy can get any woman he wants. He's not interested in me."
- Vaughn specially requested detective Beckett to be on his case (who wouldn't want that?!)
- Gates: "He wants detective Beckett and only detective Beckett."
- And Castle is jealous again
- Vaughn is flirting with Beckett
- He has done some research about her
- Vaughn: "Do you have any idea how remarkable you are? You don't, do you?"
- Beckett feels like Castle isn't letting her feel special
- Lanie: "Is it true you're with Erik Vaughn? I know you love Castle and all-"
Beckett: "Bye, Lanie."
- Lanie tries to talk with a British accent
- As more often lately, the sneak peeks are all in the 1st 15-20 of the episode
- Castle is pretty pissed and jealous
- I think all the Caskett fans have with Erik Vaughn another guy we love to hate
- Beckett and Vaughn are at a hotel
- Vaughn is trying to charm Beckett again
- He brought some champagne for them
- He is trying to get into Beckett's pants (but her pants are way too small for him to fit in ;))
- Beckett is telling Vaughn about her mother
- In a scene with Gates it seems that she indeed does know about Caskett, but she just doesn't say anything about it
- Beckett: "You know I would rather be with you."
- Castle is super jealous and Kate seems to like it a bit that he is
- Alexis is trying to calm down her dada a bit: "Dad, Beckett is over the moon for you. Give her some credit okay?"
- But Martha is making it worse: "Oh no, Erik Vaughn is much sexier than George Clooney."
- Martha pretty much implied that Castle should put a ring on Beckett's finger
- Vaughn tried to kiss Beckett
- But she pushed him away (like we already thought in our review)
- Beckett tells Vaughn about her and Castle. Vaughn: "Is it serious?"
Beckett: "Yes, it's pretty serious."
- Like already expected, we have nothing to fear that Kate would cheat on Castle
- And then someone fires at Vaughn, but Beckett pushes him away into safety
- Kate is trying to avoid the subject that Vaughn tried to kiss her
- Castle: "What's going on here, Kate?"
Beckett: "He kissed me, ok Castle?"
- Castle: "He's the killer. He played us... Well, mostly you." Then he looks at Beckett
- Castle being not so nice: "Of all the confessions throughout the years, this is going to a special place in my heart."
- But Vaughn isn't the killer after all
- And Vaughn is still trying to flirt with Beckett
- Vaughn: "It's an extraordinary woman you have there." 
Castle: "I know."
Vaughn: "Do you?"
- Castle is trying to make up now
- He gives Kate a massage
- And they kissed
- Beckett: "Castle, wherre are we going?" 
Castle: "To the bedroom. Come on you're gonna love this."
- But Beckett meant the relationship...

End of the episode
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