The Squab And The Quail Promo: Review


The great Andrew Marlowe has once again sucker punched the Castle fandom in a span of 16 seconds with this new promo.
My first reaction: WTF. Is this real life right now? Along with being mad, as I’m sure most of the fandom is in a rage of fit right now haha. But I honestly was caught off guard by the promo!

I literally watched the promo about 10 more times & it makes a lot more sense to me now: Castle & Beckett are at the point of their relationship where they are just “comfortable” with each other.  Like any other normal, healthy realistic couple out there the fire has cooled & both of them have simmered back down to reality.  If any of you out there have been in a long relationship, you know what I’m talking about.  Now them being comfortable isn’t a bad or good thing because it’s when they can be their true selves with one another, but it depends on what they do with that comfort.  They can use it positively & continue to work at their relationship & grow together or it can can create a distance.

So with that said, this is just another test in their relationship.  I think for a lot of people when they think of their favorite TV couple finally getting together all they want to see is the honeymoon stage.  When trouble starts to brew they go crazy & get super upset because the honeymoon stage is gone.  What I love about Marlowe is that he is making Caskett as real as possible & this stage in a relationship is as real as it gets.  Real couples fight & go threw things, but they don’t break up that easily over them.

I honestly don’t think Beckett will do anything because Marlowe & his writers have been building up Caskett for 4 seasons, it wouldn’t make sense for them to break them up after one season.  I also believe it would be out of character for her to do it.  Plus we’ve been tricked by Marlowe & ABC before…

Have a little more faith Castle fans!  In Marlowe we trust.


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