Castle Cliff Notes: The Human Factor

Thank you guys so much for patiently waiting through my technical difficulties!  Sometimes my cable just likes to ruin my plans!  Anyways, this week’s episode was definitely unique as it left our team at the 12th with very little to work with but that doesn’t mean we were left with only a few favorite moments to choose from for our countdown.  Overall, the episode was a definite set up for next weeks, sure to be emotional, finale to me, but it didn’t lack the usual Castle fun and intensity.  So let’s not wait anymore (my Cable made me wait long enough) and on with the countdown!

5. Men in Black
Seeing that Homeland Security is involved, Beckett wants answers as to what is going on.  She approaches a black car with two very “agent-y” looking guys inside and asks them to identify themselves.  Thinking about Men in Black, Castle asks if they get called Agent J and Agent K a lot as they resemble Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones famous black suit and sunglass donning characters. (And cue my awful singing of the Men in Black theme song…Here come the Men in Black! *clap clap* Galaxy defenders!)  They don’t answer Beckett’s questions though and they drive away leaving Caskett with no answers.  Beckett says “well we don’t have a body, we don’t have a crime scene, and we don’t have any witnesses but…” Castle interjects here saying “at least we have each other.”  Clearly this is not what Beckett had in mind because she finishes with “we will have a homicide to solve.”  Remembering there is in fact a murder too, Castle says “…and that” but we all appreciate that at least he thinks all they need is each other!  Turns out this may be foreshadowing though, as their relationship will be put to the test with a certain job offer coming up later in the countdown.

4. An Offer You Can’t Refuse
After solving the case, Agent Stack asks to talk to Beckett. “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” he asks her.  Beckett tells him that she hasn’t given it much thought but he presses asking “where is your heart?”  Not one to open up, Beckett says “I don’t know you. Certainly not well enough to have this conversation” and starts to leave.  Stack tells her that he used to work in homicide before he worked for the attorney general.  He continues, telling Beckett “I think your exceptional, you’re smart, you’re strong, you’re an asymmetrical thinker - I see bigger things for you.”  Beckett questions him saying “who says I want bigger things?” but Stack says “practically everything about you screams it.”  Turns out there is a job opening in DC with the Attorney General and Stack thinks she has what it takes.  He wants her to apply for it and leaves her with a number to call.  Beckett says she will think about the offer but later when Castle asks what Stack talked to her about she says “nothing. It was nothing.”  UGH!  I know Beckett could do bigger and better things, but I have a hard time believing she would leave the 12th.  I think she still has some unfinished business with her mother’s case (cough Bracken cough) and Castle is in NYC.  I know she has historically been one to run, but I like to think she has changed.  If I were to be asked where Kate Beckett’s heart is, I would say you can’t deny it’s in NYC but I guess we will have to wait and see. The only comfort we are left with is that Beckett was going to go shower with Castle.

3. It’s All Fun and Games…
Castle is in his loft driving his toy tank through a course he made in his living area providing commentary along the way.  He continues to drive it towards the “Suez Canal” but stops short when he sees Beckett on his video feed in her underwear.  “Woah, That is not the Suez Canal.”  He zooms in on a unknowing Beckett and tells her that if she is trying to decide what to wear she should keep wearing what she is now “…or less.”  Beckett then notices what is going on, yells “pervert!” and throws clothes on the toy tanks camera stopping the video feed.  Not fazed at all, Castle yells “that is Field Marshall Pervert to you!”  I love seeing Castle’s “young at heart” side, whether that be when he is playing laser tag or toy tanks, and I just can’t resist how adorable he is.  Also, how fantastic did Beckett look?  Old Beckett would have gone crazy if Castle did that but Kate is clearly embracing his young, playful side and lets him off easy with the small insult of “pervert.”  I guess she has a soft spot for his playfulness as well.  I just love seeing Caskett at “home.”

2.  Making Up for a Moment of Manliness
Trying to find Warburg, Caskett trespasses onto property that they think is his.  They start to get attacked by a small drone that appears to be firing bullets.  Beckett says when it gets in range she is going to shoot it, which prompts Castle to get Kate’s other gun from her ankle holster.  They both await the arrival of the drone and fire as it comes near them.  The drone gets hit and goes down as Castle says “wow I can’t believe you missed with every shot!”  Offended, Beckett asks if he really thought he shot the drone down with his marksmanship and Castle says “I rose to the occasion – Wow, This time I really did protect you!”  Beckett points out he was also protecting himself but Castle thinks it makes up for a “momentary lack of manliness.”  Beckett isn’t impressed though as she discovers the bullets were blanks. “Blanks?” asks Castle, “well I didn’t know that so that doesn’t – that doesn’t diminish the act of heroism.” Ah hero Castle trying to protect the people he cares about the most.  These always make for good moments and Castle is never humble about his heroics.  You can save me anytime you want and I won’t mock the fact that blanks were used J

1.  Rise of the Machines
Sleeping soundly in bed, Castle is awoken by his toy tank driving up the bed towards him.  He jumps out of bed panicking and whispers for Beckett before grabbing his baseball bat and smashing the tank to pieces.  Right then, his toy helicopter flies up from Beckett’s side of the bed (yes sides have been established) and comes towards him.  He yells a little louder for Beckett this time and says “Beckett get up!  We gotta go!” as he pulls back the sheets.  This reveals a laughing Beckett who clearly pulled a “rise of the machines” prank on him.  She laughs at him saying that he “totally fell for it” and Castle tries to deny that he actually thought it was rise of the machines.  Sorry, Castle but with your wild imagination you definitely thought the toys were coming to life.  Beckett tells him that if that was actually a killer tank he bailed and Castle tries to tell her he went to get the bat to protect her.  Busted Castle!  Your tank has a camera remember?? Beckett could see the fear in his eyes and we got to see a hilarious Caskett moment.  Once again, Caskett + home life= irresistible moments.  You have to love playful Kate Beckett!

So what did you guys think of “The Human Factor?”  Did you like it or are you more concerned about what is going to happen next week with the season finale?  Any early theories on what Beckett is going to do? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle 

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