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 Well it’s that time of year again… finale season!  While finales can be exciting it’s always one of the most tension filled times of the season.  We are always prepared for a cliffhanger but what kind of cliffhanger awaits us is the worst part especially when we know Beckett is considering a job in DC!  I hope you had your Castle finale survival kit ready and came prepared for some angst because here we go! (and please read my note to readers at the end!)

5. The Protector
I know what you’re thinking… why are you wasting a moment from this episode on Alexis and Castle? Well calm down and hear me out…Alexis (finally back!) tells her dad that they need to talk but he is preoccupied trying to figure out which book cover to use for his upcoming Nikki Heat novel.  He immediately asks Alexis which cover she likes better but proceeds to basically talk himself into his decision deciding the green cover looks like a giant green lizard is attacking the city “which is cool”.  While he likes that, he would have to rewrite the entire book so he goes “magenta you’re right.”  Meanwhile Alexis continues to try to talk to him and reveals her teacher hasn’t received her check for her Costa Rica trip. Castle tries to play it off like he sent it, but Alexis quickly calls him out saying he didn’t send it.  Castle asks why she would want to study the rainforest (seriously though… what is this girl studying in college?) and stresses that she will be staying in the jungle away from civilization.  Alexis catches on asking if his worrying is because of what happened in Paris.  Castle admits that he is slightly worried because of that and Alexis says “Dad I can’t stop living my life because of what happened.”  She admits to still having nightmares but she doesn’t “want to let fear win.”  Castle agrees to write the check but says it won’t stop him from worrying about her or missing her and they share a sweet hug.  So a couple reasons I liked this… 1. We finally got a discussion about the events in Target and Hunt!!  I don’t know about you guys but I was wondering when at least something was going to come up about it.  It was a pretty large event and no way did Alexis just move on with life.  I can’t blame Castle for worrying though but I guess they both can’t live their whole life in fear.  Reason number 2:  Who doesn’t like Castle/Alexis father/daughter time?!?!  I love how he worries about her and he does it in such a sweet, caring way. While he may have his quirks, Castle is a fantastic father and its always sweet to watch his scenes with Alexis.

4. Girl Talk
Lanie comes down to the morgue to finds Beckett waiting for her.  Beckett starts by asking if she has any new information on the case but Lanie quickly figures out that’s not what she is actually there for.  Lanie questions what’s wrong and Beckett says “nothing.. yet - Lanie if you had the opportunity to do what you wanted to do but it would mean that everything in your life might change - would you take it?” Lanie says “well it depends - how good is the opportunity?”  Beckett says the opportunity is “great, really really great” but reveals the job is in DC.  Lanie picks up that she is worried about Castle and Beckett explains that they are in a relationship together but they never talk about where they’re going.  She says it’s ok right now, but if she gets the job then they will have to talk about where they are going.  Lanie explains that maybe that’s not a bad thing, but Beckett worries it might be.  I was so excited to see Lanie and Beckett having some girl time (even if it was in the morgue) and it reminded me a lot of their conversion last season (which led to good things!!).  Lanie is always the voice of reason for Caskett and such a good friend to Beckett.  Also, it was nice to see Beckett open up a little bit to Lanie about her insecurities in her relationship with Castle and possible set the scene for future moments J

3. Even Adults need Mom and Dad
            I loved the interactions between Castle and Martha as well as Kate and her dad.  Castle expresses his frustration with his relationship with his mother and she explains that they are both frustrated about not knowing where their relationship is going.  She says he doesn’t hold back expect for with “this thing with Katherine.”  Martha says they are having a good time but “this is who she is” and questions if he is holding back because deep down inside he doesn’t think the relationship is going to work. In a slightly different conversation, Kate meets her dad to talk about her job offer.  He tells her it sounds like a great offer and her mom would be proud but he asks what she is going to do.  She tells him it feels like she is “standing at a crossroads” and she has to choose between “two possible futures.”  She explains that taking this job would mean no time for anyone else but if she doesn’t take it she could resent him for it. Sadly she says “Dad, I don’t know what we have. I don’t know if it’s real. It’s like we’ve been doing this dance for the past five years and what happens when the music stops?  What if all we were in love with was the dance?”  Her dad points out that all of her relationships stop around this point and he says she hides in her work when she is scared.   He wants her to make the decision she wants and not because she is afraid.  She says it’s the job and he says she has to tell Castle.  Beckett says “he’s going to hate me dad” and her dad tells her it’s something she is going to have to live with. Getting a text from the 12th she says “my last case…”  In both cases, it was nice to see Caskett going to their parents for support and advice and the way they both help their children realize what they need to do.  In this case thank god for both of them because I think it helped give a little push towards the events in the ending.  We will have to wait and see until next season what they both want out of the relationship though, and figure out if Kate really was trying to hide in her work because she was scared.

2.  Boarding Pass
Ok I guess it’s kind of weird to make this a “top moment” since “mom and dad” were fighting but I’m doing it anyways (it’s the finale so anything goes)! Castle finds the boarding pass that fell out of Kate’s pocked and finds out she flew to DC. Beckett explains that she was invited down for an interview but Castle; clearly feeling betrayed says “I’m sorry, you interviewed for another job, in another city and you didn’t tell me?”  Beckett explains she didn’t tell him because it was “just an interview” and she wanted to see what else was out there.  Castle tells her that the problem with that was she hid it from him and lied about it and he would never do that to her.  Beckett says “Castle, this isn’t about you – this is about me, this is about my life.” Castle questions if she is seriously considering this job and she explains she is because it’s an opportunity to do more but Castle interjects saying “without me.”  Beckett begs him not to make the situation about them but Castle, confused, says “I’m sorry, tell me how this isn’t about us? You get this job, you move to DC, I’ll never see you. That’s pretty much the end of our relationship isn’t it?”  Beckett tries to tell him that they don’t know that and she probably won’t even get the job but Castle explains the point is it didn’t occur to her to include him “or worse, it did occur to you and you chose not to.”  He ends the conversation with a biting remark of “now what does that say about us? Not much if you ask me.”  He tells her he can’t be there right now and leaves.  First, the acting in the scene was phenomenal.  You could feel the tension and the intense betrayal felt by Castle.  You could also see the struggle of Kate trying to rationalize her thought process but realizing that she has a tough choice to make made even tougher by her personal relationships.  If anything, you would think this would make Kate realize how much Castle cares about her and where he wants their relationship to go (clearly he wants to stay with her), but it also reveals how badly they need to talk about the future of the relationship.  *Sigh* Sometimes Caskett just makes me want to throw things at the TV out of frustration!  Talk about a successful scene!

1. Swings ‘n Rings
For very obvious reasons…this is your number one moment of the season 5 finale! Beckett calls Castle telling him they need to talk and they meet on the infamous swing set.  Beckett starts by apologizing and saying she shouldn’t have kept secrets.  Castle says that’s who she is and that she doesn’t let people in and he had to “scratch and claw for every inch.”  Beckett interrupts him but Castle tells her to let him finish. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us, about our relationship, what we have and where we’re headed.  I’ve decided I want more. We both deserve more.”  Slightly nervous, Beckett agrees and Castle continues “so whatever happens and whatever you decide, Katherine Houghton Beckett will you marry me?”  And… end of season 5!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR *dies* Ok speculation of this was thrown around the fandom but I will be the first to say I was a doubter.  I love the swing set and it always leads to good things eventually but I was not 100% convinced he would propose!  Way to go Castle!!  But will she accept?!?! Couldn’t we have had one more minute of that scene?? Now let’s take a moment to all realize that this is in fact the beginning of the hiatus and we have to wait FOR-EV-ER to see what happens next!! (Let it sink in….) AH!

Are you guys still alive???  What did you think about the proposal?  Did you predict the ending or were you slightly surprised?  Finally, how the heck are we going to survive this hiatus?? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have some fun over the hiatus talking Castle! J

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I wanted to take a moment here to thank all of you guys that read this every week.  This was my first season doing this and it is purely for fun and to express my love for Castle. I am in no way a professional writer (and don’t claim to be) but the continued feedback and support I received was so fantastic and has brought me closer to a lot of Castle fandom. I didn't think this would get seen by many people but you all proved me wrong.  It required a lot of late nights, and caffeine filled mornings at school the next day but I love doing it and each reader makes it incredibly special.  So thank you so much for reading and a special thanks to 12th precinct for allowing me to do this!  I can’t wait for season 6 and I’ll be thinking of some fun hiatus activities! 

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