Introducing: 2013 Castle Fanfic Ficathon (@CastleFicathon)

Greetings! Welcome to the official FFnet account for the unofficial 2013 Castle Fanfic Ficathon!!! You excited yet because this is going to be awesome and hiatus is going to fly by!

This little 'contest' or 'round robin' is not a competition against others as much as it's one against yourself to see if you can write a 50,000 word story during the time of the Castle summer hiatus.

The purpose of this account is merely to post the rules and to serve as a place for everyone to go to find the Ficathon stories. Stories will be posted to participant's own accounts ONLY but can be found under the 'favorites' section here. Links will also be tweeted through the Ficathon twitter account.

Now, onto the rules:

1. Writing time will officially be May 14- August 19. With the 1st posting week to start May 20. This gives you 3 full months to write 50,000 words.

2. No writing is to take place before this time but you can prep/outline/brainstorm all you want.

3. The goal would be a story 50,000 words in length written during the 3 months of hiatus and updated at least once a week (we could say at Castle time if you need a goal but that isn't set in stone). Stories can be longer than 50,000 words, and don't necessarily need to be complete by August, but in order to be considered a 'winner' and earn the bragging rights that go along with that along with the fabulous certificate of completion at the end, at least 50,000 words need to be published on FFnet.

4. Stories are to be posted to your own FFnet account but should have '2013 Ficathon Entry' somewhere in the summary so that readers know. Also, if you post a chapter to Twitter make sure you tag @CastleFicathon in your post so that it can be retweeted to those following the Ficathon account.

5. There is no genre or rating limit. Stories can even be a series of short stories/one-shots as long as it was all posted in the same 'story'.

6. We would also suggest that the writers pair up and beta each others stories. This is a great motivational tool for both parties.

7. A certificate of completion and bragging rights will be awarded at the end so that everyone knows you participated in and successfully completed the 1st annual Castle Summer Hiatus Ficathon. :)

Motivational prompts, updates and overall pom poms can be found at the Ficathon Twitter account so please follow:

Also, questions can be asked there, PMed here or sent to the Ficathon email address:

Get ready! Get set! Get writing!!!
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