Tamala Jones Interview About Watershed: "It's Phenomenal, And It Is Sexy. And You're Going To Be Crying."

What can we expect from tonight’s finale?
Tamala Jones: Oh my God. The finale is so — I don't even have a word to describe it. It's phenomenal, and it is sexy. And you're going to be crying. You're going to be crying, but it's going to be a good cry. We're going to touch your heart. We're going to reach inside of your heart and grab it and squeeze it and hold it tight. It's so good.

What's the murder mystery?
Oh, I can't tell you that. I can just tell you that it's intertwined with so much other stuff going on, you're going to be like, you're going to catch whiplash. There's so much stuff going on in this last episode, but it's, yeah, a tear jerker. Your mouth is going to be on the floor. That's all I'm going to say.

What can we say about Lanie's arc in the last episode?
Lanie's arc is pretty much unfolding the mystery on top of the mystery. There's two parts to what's actually going on. We think it's one thing, and then she does some more testing and finds out it's something completely different. So they've got to look into it a little deeper and harder from different angles of what was the cause, who was responsible, but in the midst of all that, there's something else special going on. There's a big dilemma for Beckett, and there's a big one for Castle. And your mouth is going to be on the floor.

Do we get more Beckett/Lanie girl's nights now that Beckett's questioning her relationship and where it's going? Does she need a little girly chat?
Oh, yeah. There's some girl time with Lanie and Beckett in the season finale, really great girl time, great girl conversation. That's what I love about Lanie. Lanie, outside of the go-to girl for information of the cause of death and what happened, she really gives great advice as a friend, and you're going to see a lot of that in the season finale with her and Beckett on so many different issues and situations within the storyline. But definitely some girl time, which I've missed personally because I love the Lanie/Beckett scenes.

It's about time because we haven't seen enough of you recently, and certainly not enough of these sort of interpersonal things.
Aww, there’s more to come. I think the Twitter fans have beat up Andrew [Marlowe, show creator] quite a few times on Twitter, so he was forced to do a little something about it. But I think with next season I think he's going to focus a lot more on the Lanie/Beckett relationship and a little bit more on Lanie, Martha, and Alexis and the Captain.

What about Lanie and Esposito?
Oh yeah, Lanie and Esposito are connected. When you read through Lanie, Esposito's there, and vice versa. We can't take one without the other. He's definitely being forced from the fans to focus more on that. They're like, where's Esposito? But I really think Andrew is a genius when it comes to stuff like that because he'll listen, and he listens to what fans have written him, and he'll do it, but he'll do it right when you're like, you're seething, like your mouth is salivating for it. You're like, “Please. Are you going to do it?” And there it is. So I never second guess Andrew and what he does, and I'm pretty sure we're going to see what we want to see with Esposito and with the rest of the cast. But he has a very strategic way of placing things and getting you right where you're about to pass out because we haven't had it yet.
Lanie Parish Looks Serious in Castle Season 5 Finale: "Watershed"

What about a Lanie episode? We've gotten a few character-centric episodes this season. Have you guys talked about the Lanie-centric episode? When is it that coming?
I really believe all that Lanie stuff is going to happen next season. He had a tough time this season trying to do what the network needed him to do and do what the fans needed him to do. Andrew was in a washing machine this past season. He was going around in circles real fast, but he is very, very intelligent and creative. And he executes his responsibilities well, but I truly believe that next season, Lanie will have her Lanie-centric episode. And you'll see a lot more of a backstory on her, which could bring in the Esposito and Lanie storyline in some way in that particular episode.

You're right though. People really needed the Castle/Beckett relationship to be the focus of this season. As a fan, how do you feel like that relationship is handled and where it's going?
I really loved how he has written that and the team of writers we have. They have molded that relationship into something exciting to watch because, as you know in past shows, it's kind of dangerous to get the two lead characters together. It kind of takes the steam out of the show, and the way that they designed it and wrote it, it put more steam in the show. Our ratings went up even more. That's the thing I was talking about Andrew as far as him knowing how and when to execute those things, those storylines. So I love the way that he did the Castle/Beckett relationship. I love how it took them this long to kind of admit their true feelings, and it was like, if I don't do this, this person's going to be gone out of my life forever. And that's so real. That is such a real thing that we all go through at some point in our life. So I just love how he writes. Love it.

We know there's a cliffhanger. Is it a relationship‑y cliffhanger?
It's that, but there's other stuff too. Danger.

Should we be worried? Should we be sitting here over the summer concerned about who's coming back?
No. Well, maybe. You might be a little concerned, but it may take you somewhere else too. Like it could play both sides of your emotions. It could take you somewhere else, but oh my God. I need September to roll around like today. You're steaming to see the season opening.

If Beckett and Castle got married, do you think Lanie would be a bridesmaid?
Oh, definitely. If Lanie weren't made a bridesmaid, I think there would be some problems down at the precinct. I think there would be major issues. She would be like, "Are you freaking kidding me? Kate, really?" They're not allowed to go and elope. They're not — if that ever pops up and Lanie is not a bridesmaid, there's going to be some problems. There's going to be some problems in the writer's room as well as in the show.
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