Watershed (Season Finale: Episode Details (MEGA SPOILERS)

Today is a day we've all been waiting for, but it is also a day that we don't want to end. it is the day of the season finale of Castle. After tonight the long hiatus starts...

But before it starts we first can enjoy another great episode of Castle, Watershed.

For the fans who can't wait what will happen tonight, we are here for you to bring you episode details, while the episode is airing in Canada already. don't ask me for a link, there aren't any)

This post was being live updated during Watershed.

Don't read further, if you don't want to know what will happen on Castle!

We will bring some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section will contain spoilers:

Here we go...

- The episode is S-rated
- Might be bc it starts with a naked woman - The episode begins with a woman taking a shower
- There's blood coming out of the shower head, not water…
- Move That Ass is playing in the openings scene (Remember that song?)
- Beckett is in DC in her openings scene
- She is there for the interview
- The federal guy is very positive about Beckett
- Federal guy: "You know you're headed for better things."
- Federal guy: "You know that opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime."
- Castle and Alexis scene now
- They are talking about Paris
- Espo to Castle (as Beckett isn't with him: "Idon't know. Aren't you two practically living together?"
- Beckett is arriving late for work (why oh why would that be?)
- A body is discovered in a water reservoir on top of the building
- That is where the blood shower came from
- The crime scene is in a hotel (on the top of the hotel better)
- Beckett lied to Castle where she was and why she was too late
- Beckett about the victim: "Maybe she just decided she needed a change."
- The S-rating might be too because of some sex noises
- The victim appears to be a runaway hooker
- Neighbors heard a lot of sex noises out of her room
- Lanie: "If she was a prostitute, she wasn't very good at it."
Castle: "Seriously? You can tell that?"
Lanie: "Prostituation usually means sex and I didn't find any traces of sexual activity."
- Lanie thinks the victim was dead before she was thrown in the water
- Beckett: "If she wasn't having sex, what were all those sounds coming out of her room."
- They are in the room of the victim now and find a CD with moaning noises on it
- Till now the case/relationship ratio in the ep is in favor of the case
- Beckett and Gates scene
- Gates got a call from DC
- Gates ask Beckett about the job offer
- Gates: "I've heard you're on the short list."
- Gates: "I just wanted to tell you, I gave you my highest recommendation."
- Gates to Beckett: "This could be your last case."
- Lanie and Beckett scene
- Lanie: "That's not why you're here is it? Ok what's wrong?"
Beckett: "Nothing. Yet."
- Kate is telling Lanie about the job offer
- Kate: "Great. Really really great. But the job's in DC." 
Lanie: "You're worried about Castle." 
Kate: "We're in this relationship and we never talk about it."
- Kate: "And if I get this job-" 
Lanie: "Then you're gonna have to-"
- Castle brings Kate coffee, but she isn't smiling like she normally is
- Ryan and Epso are doing more casework than normally this ep
- Caskett spoke at the same time again: "The laptop's in the basement."
- Ryan and Epso notice something is going on
- Ryan thought Beckett might be preggers: "Maybe she's pregnant."
- Ryan tells Espo about Jenny's pregnancy!!
- Caskett scene
- Castle found a boarding pass
- Castle: "You fly to DC yesterday?"
- Castle: "What kind of interview?"
Beckett: "For a position with a federal task force."
- Castle isn't happy Beckett didn't tell him about it
- Beckett says she didn't say it because it was just an interview and she knew he would be upset
- Castle is upset that Kate didn't tell him anything
- Beckett: "Castle, this isn't about you. It is about me. This is about my life." (You're wrong there Kate. If you're in a relationship it is about "Us" and about "Our life")
- Beckett is interested in the job
- Castle is afraid to lose Kate if she would move to DC
- Castle tells her it is about them, not just her
- Castle is mad that she didn't include him. Or that she didn't want to involve him.
- Beckett: "Castle?!"
Castle: "Can't be here right now." And he leaves
- At the precinct Espo notices something happened
- Beckett to Espo: "We had a fight, okay."
- Castle and Martha are talking
- Martha notices that now when Casketts relationship has one bump in the road, he's ready to tun away from it: "And now, first sign of trouble you're ready to run. Why?"
- Beckett gets a call back from the interview
- But will she take it...
- Beckett and Beckett scene
- Kate and Jim that is
- Beckett: "If I take this job there's not gonna be time for anything else."
Jim: "But if you stay it'll be because of him and you are gonna be resenting him for it."
- Beckett: "This job, it's what I want." 
Jim: "Then tell him." 
Beckett: "He's going to hate me, Dad."
Jim: "Then that's something you're gonna have to live with."
- Beckett: "My last case, I better end it."
- It seems like she takes the job (How can she choose a job above a person?)
- Beckett at the precinct
- She's saying goodbye to the interrogation room
- Beckett: "This room has been my life, my home. And I will not let you sit there and lie to me in hy own home."
- Beckett is pretty upset
- Javi and Ryan notice and ask what is going on
- Beckett says she wants to tell them, but she needed to tell someone else first
- Beckett calls Castle: "It's me. We need to talk."
Castle: "Yeah, we do."
- Swing scene time
- Beckett: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept secrets."
Castle: "It's who you are. You don't let people in. I have to scratch and claw."
- Castle: "So whatever happens, whatever you decide, Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?"
- And now we've to wait for the answer till next season

End of the episode
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