Watershed (Season Finale) Preview: What Will Beckett’s Job Offer Mean For Her And Castle?

Castle airs its fifth season finale tonight on ABC and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at (most of) the episode over the weekend. “Watershed” is pretty fantastic. The case itself is interesting, but let’s be real: We all know we’re here for the relationship drama and what’s next for Castle and Beckett.

Obviously, we’re not allowed to give too much away. Not only would ABC hurt us, it’s just more fun when the audience is surprised by the twists (at least we think it is). So what can we tell you about the episode?
-The episode opens with a woman taking a shower in a hotel and blood begins to pour down from the showerhead (so gross). A body is discovered and the detectives are dispatched to interview some of the victim’s neighbors (the hotel is one of those extended stay types and of course seems very seedy).
-At first glance, the victim appears to be a runaway turned hooker. Most of her neighbors claim that they constantly heard sex noises coming from her room, but one neighbor passionately defends her and insists that she’s not a hooker. It turns out that he’s right, but we’ll just leave it at that.
-In the last episode, Beckett received a job opportunity and she declined to share the news with Castle. Instead, she told him that it was nothing, but that’s definitely not the case. Beckett starts the episode in D.C. where she is interviewing for said job. It’s a fantastic career opportunity for her, but what will it mean for her relationship?
-That becomes the question of the episode. While Castle and Beckett have enjoyed a mostly blissful relationship this season (even saying ‘I love you’ to each other), neither of them have talked about where the relationship is going and if it’s a forever kind of thing (come on, show, of course it is).
-Look for some great banter scenes between Esposito and Ryan and Castle as well as some scenes that show just how well Ryan and Esposito know Beckett (they are detectives after all).
-There are lots of fantastic, emotional scenes in the episode including Castle/Alexis, Castle/Martha, Beckett/Jim (her dad) and Beckett/Laney. But at this point, the question everyone is asking is probably: what about Castle and Beckett?
Don’t worry; the couple shares plenty of screen time throughout the episode, but here’s the thing: ABC left the last 10 minutes of the episode off the screener (granted with commercials, it’s probably more like 4-6, but you get the gist). So there’s obviously something major that happens in those last few minutes and we can only guess that it’s between our favorite detective and writer.
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