Watershed (Season Finale): Preview

ABC released a screener on May 10 of the season finale of “Castle”, but it was an incomplete viewing experience. We’ve had screeners released to us in the past that were still a rough cut (temporary ADR for the actors, for example) but this one was basically the final version minus 2-3 minutes that were excluded at the end. That’s right—those of us who have screened the episode have no idea how “Watershed” is going to end until it airs on Monday.
This fact alone makes previewing the finale an extremely difficult task since we can give no assurances as to what might happen in that final scene. We simply do not know. In discussing the episode with fellow “Castle” reviewer Luciana Mangas shortly after viewing the screener, I told her that about 90% of the questions I’ve received on Twitter about “Watershed” I’m simply not comfortable with answering right now, or cannot answer period, due to the unknown element. She felt the same way.

I truly think that much of the episode is something you guys are going to need to see for yourselves, not read about from someone else’s perspective. So, that said, I’ll leave the big, detailed spoilers to whomever else to spoil for you should they feel inclined. Personally, I’d rather just share the following relatively vague teasers:
  • “Move that ass, move that ass, get on the floor, get on the floor.” Sound familiar? It should, and this nice little throwback is in the opening scene.
  • Contrary to what we’ve been told in interviews about it taking a backseat, the episode is a bit more case heavy than originally expected.
  • Stana Katic has some fantastic, emotionally charged scenes with Penny Johnson Jerald, Tamala Jones, and Scott Paulin. There is also an interrogation scene towards the end that sits amongst my favorite moments for Beckett and Katic both. Phenomenal work from our leading lady, as always, and similar things can be said about Nathan Fillion and his scenes with Molly Quinn and Susan Sullivan, the latter actress, especially.
  • There is a really great Ryan and Esposito scene that I think fans will love seeing. It felt like it was poking fun at a certain rumor floating around the fandom, too, and I loved the way that it was utilized and how the scene unfolded.
  • Jim and Martha both have some interesting observations they share with their children that I suspect may see mixed reactions from the fans, but I don't think they're inherently wrong about them. Just my two cents.
  • This episode is loaded with subtext and subtleties. Pay very close attention to body language and dialogue in particular, but the small details, too. Like every great “Castle” episode, there are hidden mysteries to be uncovered at every turn. It’s definitely going to take multiple watches to catch everything.
Lastly, whatever comes “out of left field” at the end remains to be seen, but one can only assume that the supposed “gentle cliffhanger” must have a huge impact on the show since ABC isn’t even willing to give it to us in the screener. It's no secret that I've been quite positive about the end of the season and I'd like to make it clear that my optimism remains bulletproof on the season closer. But I’ll certainly be waiting for the conclusion with bated breath the next couple of days and pondering over the possibilities ahead in the newly announced sixth season.
As we say, "In Marlowe we trust."
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