5 Biggest Relationship Tests for Caskett in Season 5

5. The "two different worlds" conversation.

Even after their great teamwork in trying to steer their parents' conversation to safer waters at dinner in After Hours, Castle and Beckett end up unsettled and agitated with each other for hours. It doesn't help when the witness they end up on the run with, Leo, tells Beckett he thinks she's worried that she and Castle's differences that are charming now will just push them apart later.

The problems here were all words, though. When Castle has to go off on his own, Beckett is visibly worried. That honest level of emotion is all these two really need to share in common. It's through that same level of concern that Martha and Jim are able to bond, too. So no need to worry about baseball or how things look on paper. Plus, Leo turned out to be a sociopath with homocidal tendencies, hardly a relationship expert! We think this concern can be put to rest.

4. Castle's Casanova history.

In Murder, He Wrote, Castle takes Beckett to his house in the Hamptons for their first getaway together as a couple. Beckett is definitely impressed but suddenly not feeling very special. She feels like she's just one of many women who have been on this tour. She's right.

She's also special, though, and Castle has no trouble making that clear. He explains simply, "None of them were you," and then meets her eyes with a deep sincerity. She believes him. We think this one can be put to rest, too.

3. Meredith's mention of communication issues.

This is when things start to get more complicated. In Significant Others, Castle's ex-wife Meredith explains to Beckett why she and Castle didn't work out in the end. She says that Castle could fill a million novels with all he knows about her, but she couldn't write a pamphlet on him. It wasn't enough for her.

Beckett goes on to wonder what's enough for her, too. This is not put to rest and it's worsened in #2...

2. Beckett's momentary lapse of judgment.

Beckett hesitates when handsome (it's Ioan Gruffud!) billionaire Eric Vaughn leans in to kiss her in The Squab and the Quail. Lucky for him, she regains her senses and pushes him away right as a bullet breaks through the window toward his head. This event makes for an awkward statement to Ryan, while Castle watches, about where they were standing when the shot was fired. She reluctantly admits that Vaughn kissed her. Castle is not happy though his anger does abate a little when he realizes she pushed the guy off.

Beckett did tell Vaughn that she's in a relationship with Castle and it's serious. Apparently he missed something... That aside, all Vaughn's questions about her relationship with Castle left a question on her mind. Later she asks Castle, "Where are we going?" He answers, "to the bedroom." We get the impression that's not what she was asking. That missed conversation ultimately leads to #1...

1. Beckett's secret job pursuit.

Watershed involves the most heated relationship questioning in Season 5. This happens because Beckett pursues an out-of-town job opportunity without including Castle in the discussion. He's crushed and angry. When Castle wonders what it says about their relationship, he even has to leave the apartment to cool off.

Then after thinking about what they have and where they are headed, Castle meets back up with Beckett to have a serious talk. They agree they both need more. Castle proposes.

We've watched Caskett go through a lot together, so we believe they can work through this, too. Beckett, Just Say Yes! 

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