Interview: Molly Quinn Teases Start Season 6

Molly Quinn Attends The Walking Dead's 10th Anniversary Celebration at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

WE caught up with the lovely Molly Quinn at The Walking Dead party during San Diego Comic-Con 2013 last week, and the Castle star, who attended the annual convention because she was part of the 75th anniversary of Superman panel, gave us some great new intel on what we can expect from Season 6 of the hit crime procedural.
Among Molly’s big reveals, she told us exclusively that there may be a “sabbatical” in Beckett and Castle’s future, dished all about Alexis’s swoon-worthy new boyfriend, and more!
Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tease about the next season of Castle?
Molly Quinn: Alexis brings home someone that Castle doesn't like. But is she doing it on purpose to get under his skin because he's engaged and didn't tell her, or is she doing it because she really likes the guy?
Is it a real boy this time?
It's a real boy. We get to see him, multiple times. They cast him. He's extremely attractive, very cute, very, very cute. He'll be a new heartthrob, I'm sure.
Do you know his name?
It’s Myko Olivier.

Have you shot anything yet?
Yes, I did the first episode.
So what can we say about where we pick up as far as Castle and Beckett's engagement?
It's tumultuous. It's very tumultuous. They're not going to be spending as much time together as they used to. And maybe they're finding that they can't take being separated, meaning, she might have to do her thing, and him do his. They might have to take a sabbatical.
What about Lanie and Alexis?
I hope it comes back. They haven't told me. You know how much I love that, so I'm crossing my fingers.
Anything we can say?
That's about it. I've told you what I can. Nathan's great as always. He gave me a kitten. I'm very excited. He gave me a baby kitten. How cute is that? I've named him Milo. He's adorable.
What are you excited about Comic‑Con wise?
This has been great. Of course, I'm looking forward to my panel. I love Superman. I love Supergirl. I have such a new understanding and appreciation of her. It grows every day. I absolutely love her. That's what I'm looking forward to, being here again and talking about it and sharing my enthusiasm with fans who love her as well.

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