10 Spoilers About Valkyrie, The Season Premiere

Castle Season 6 Premiere SpoilersLet the pigeons loose! The first returning show season premiere screener is upon us, and it comes courtesy of ABC’s Castle.
However… it also comes with the caveatthat two major plot points — the pair of offers Beckett received in the finale — not be discussed. So…. :-/
can say that, as revealed in previous reportage and as indicated by this promo TVLine gave you the other day, the action picks up right there at the swings, where you’ll be hanging on every word. Especially when Beckett interrupts, “There’s something I have to tell you….”
Moments later we get a time jump, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how the rest of the episode was structured, how it shook out, who shared scenes together. The more cynical fans out there will (or, you know, should) be surprised, too.
Annnnd… I’m out of things to say. Except for these 10 bullets:
• Impractical footwear alert! But we’ll totally allow it.
• Castle returns from a 12-city/11-day book tour to find not one but twosurprises waiting for him at the loft.
• A major character gets shot, several times.
• A major character is involved in a car crash.
• Ryan is determined to be a master swaddler.
• As previously scooped by the Inside Line: Tory’s back!
• Alexis’ new, fruitarian boyfriend Pi makes a damn juicy papaya steak.
• There’s a pretty jarring (if pretty improbable) fake-out.
• Apparently there is a particular red wine that puts [spoiler] in a particular “mood.”
• The premiere ends with a major character’s life in tremendous jeopardy. “To Be Continued….”

Source: TVLine

Are you excited about the season premiere (in just 24 days)?
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